WTF Shoes

First off, I will admit I am no lover of high fashion. I think it's a scam. If others wish to buy clothing with crazy price tags because some designer's name is on it, that's fine. Just know that the higher price you're willing to pay, the stupider I think you are. If you spend as much for philanthropic reasons, well, that will help my opinion of you. 

This doesn't mean I don't value quality. I actually do own a Burberry scarf. It's cashmere and I love the Nova tartan of tan/black/white and red. I paid virtually nothing for it. I love second hand shops for that reason.

This brings us to shoes. I have collected a picture dump of shoes that mostly defy reason. I think there isn't much you can do with foot wear so trying to achieve something different or that stands out ends up with a shoe that is incredibly ugly or nonsensical. There are a few on this post that I actually like and would wear. Some of them I can't even believe are actual designs intended to wear. Like a lot of couture runway fashion when you think of it.

What are these supposed to be? Because to me...

...this type of footwear reminds me of this:

Prosthetic legs
Aimee looks far more beautiful and wears her 'footwear' with more
class and dignity that any model in a ridiculous
horse hoof - or whatever it is - shaped boot.

Laundry basket shoes?

Human feet do not work this way. What's wrong with these shoes?!

Love the idea of these. I would totally wear something like this
with jeans but, on this pair, the arch looks painful

Shoes that make you look like you have literal camel toes. Lovely.

Love these. I wouldn't have any place to wear them though. They're novel.

Yeah...because shoes with tumors are really attractive

Basically, if Lady Gaga wears something, I automatically hate it.


kinda cute

Going to far...

rolling my eyes

An interesting take on a classic

Another interesting take but I love these.

While I like these as a boot, I dislike all boots with peekaboo toes.
I'm Canadian. They don't make sense.

I have to believe this is art and it's making a statement
about the fashion industry forcing their impractical
style designs on women and their feet and also
saying that women who allow themselves to be
manipulated by these designers are kind of stupid.

OK, this is NOT foot wear.



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