Can You Say Banana?

OMG the cutest thing ever!


Angie said...

I LOVE when they start talking. I especially love when they mispronounce words and I get very annoyed when someone decides to correct them. My youngest said "appy jew" for the longest time, until some stinking do-gooder decided to tell her it was apple juice. I still hate them.

No one ever told her it WASN'T liberry...too late now, suckers :)

Frimmy said...

Me too! The Lad used to call buses "GEEK-oh". I looked after a little girl who called bathing suits "BANE hoots". I still call them that. My sister used to say "thloor" for floor. Which I think is harder to say.

I love the way kids mis-pronounce their sounds. Completely adorable.

One time, when I was doing day care in my home, there was this little guy who liked wearing Mr. Potato head bodies as shoes. In his mind that made him all grown up, a man. So one day he stands in my entry way by the front door and says:

"HoneeeeY! I'm home!"

So I said; "Did you remember to get bread?" (for my own amusement I said that just to see what he'd say). There was a long pause and then:

"Oh oh, I forgot the bwead!"


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