Celebs With & Without Facial Hair

In my aimless meandering around the internet I am met with endless photo collections of hot girls, big boobs, ass shots, revealing POV shots, cleavage self shots, girls who look like Barbie dolls, and endless photos of beautiful women and girls in pointless poses. That would be great if I was attracted to women and, with the exception of Tilda Swinton, I am definitely not. So for all you heterosexual women who have to pick through the cheesecake photos to find something worthy, here is a collection of man pictures.

I like beards so, obviously, I think a trimmed, neat, beard of almost any style generally increases the attractiveness of a man in my opinion. However, the unkempt beard  look is never attractive and I just don't understand mustaches. With few exceptions mustaches negatively impact someone's attractiveness.

Here is a compilation of photos gathered from a few lists showing celebs with and without facial hair. Most of them were unfair comparisons because the two photos showed the man in question many years apart. Obviously a younger, in shape version of someone will always look better than a photo taken thirty years later but you get an idea at least.

I wish there was a way to include comments after each photo. Just so we could chat about it. I don't have many friends in real life, clearly.

Equally attractive

Better without 

I think he's hot either way, too bad he's so damn short.


Technically both photos show him with beards. I don't know which I like least.

He looks better with a beard

Better without

Equally unattractive.

Equally attractive

Equally attractive although I'm favouring the beard look here

I don't know why I love beards so much but hate mustaches. I guess I figure if you're going to have the facial hair, go all the way. Daniel Craig looks better without.

I'm one of the few who doesn't think Gerard Butler is attractive.
So he looks equally unattractive either way.

Please no more beards!

No contest. Better without. But really, not a fair comparison.

I think he looks equally attractive with or without the mustache.

Haha! No beard is better.

Not even a real beard. It seems his actual beard is reddish. 

Apples and oranges

Interesting. I would never have thought they were the same person.

He looks equally hot either way. In any case, I pretty much close my eyes
and fall into the deep, rich, velvet, bass of his voice.
One of the few who can carry off a mustache.

Better without definitely

With a beard: omnipotent being. Without: cheerleader

OO!! Way WAY better with a beard!

Without is better

With a moustache is better. Of course he's thinner and younger in that photo.

Better with

Better without

Ahahaha!!!!!! *shakes head sadly*

Better without

Equally unattractive


Angie said...

I agree with most of your opinions, save one. Pierce Brosnan would look okay in a beard, a nicely trimmed one, but what I think you're attracted to here is that hair. That glorious thick, wavy hair. Mmmmm.

I'm not a fan of facial hair as a general rule. I like the scruffy two day growth look, but only on certain people. Brad Pitt should NEVER and I mean NEVER have a beard. He is too chiseled to cover that up. It's a travesty.

Frimmy said...

Brad must never, never cover himself up in any way. Agreed.

Frimmy said...

And Gerard Butler? I want to love him but the way he talks out of the side of his mouth really distracts me. Usually I'm a sucker for Scottish accents but usually when he's in a movie he's not using it so it hasn't had the usual charm. Also I kinda like quirky things like a crooked mouth ie: Holly Hunter but his just bugs me. It reminds me too much of
Jean Chrétien, An ex-Canadian Prime Minister

Anonymous said...

Okay...who knew Weird Al with short hair could be an attractive dude. Seriously..looking that cute and obviously would make me laugh constantly? Panty dropper.


Angie said...

Gerard Butler was on Chelsea Lately last night and when he started talking, you could tell he was controlling the brogue, but once she asked him about the accent, he let it get thick and THAT was a bit of a turn-on. Of course, it wasn't too easy to understand, given that the Scots tend to talk fast, but pretty boys can get away with that, can't they?

Frimmy said...

@ Ann Remember Michelle Pfeiffer dated Fisher Stevens (skinny, geeky, dweeb) for so many years? She said it was because he made her laugh. I can overlook at lot if someone can make me laugh.

@ Angie, a guy with a Scottish accent who can make me laugh would be an irresistible combination. Make him tall and I'd consider him a God, even with a crooked mouth.


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