Coffee Acquired, Let's Chat

Here's something I felt like doing. Let's have coffee and talk about stuff. Or talk to someone real about stuff. Or add your own subject in the comments and we'll talk about that. Sort of like an open post with fake refreshments. Wow, that sounds really lame.

Coffee for us... chocolate for Angie and you other anomalous humans who don't like coffee...

...Herbal tea for those avoiding caffeine...

...Iced capp with chocolate milk for

This is Nutella for three day old coffee,
once the Ayatollah lands his
sneaky cloud-shaped UFO

Ann, what's your poison? Followers? If I missed anyone, let me know in the comments and I'll add you to the list for the next coffee chat if you want to be added.

Considering I work in the coffee business, I don't much care what type of coffee I'm drinking or whose. Frankly, I think MacDonald's is putting out some really good coffee these days. If I'm not making my own at home, and I'm not at work, I get my coffee there. However I don't see why I should pay for something I can easily make for myself and without having to leave the house in the dead of winter.

I often check out the line up of guests waiting to be served and wonder why they put themselves in a position where they wait 10-20 minutes for something they could make at home. Considering drive and park time that's a whole half hour of extra relaxing before work.

I'm lucky, I get my coffee free when I'm working and I never have to line up. But that's the only way I'd submit to getting my coffee from a shop as opposed to making it myself.

It's true the coffee does not taste one bit like the addictive elixir of life we brew in the restaurants. And no, it is an urban myth that we add some kind of drug to the coffee to keep patrons addicted. So, it doesn't taste exactly the same, it's still coffee and that's enough for me.

Did you know that the roasting process alters the caffeine content and contrary to what we might want to assume, the dark roasts actually contain the least amount of caffeine. A slower brew with a medium roast will produce a beverage with more caffeine than an espresso. So by all means order your blackest blend but make them red eyes and add a few shots of espresso to get your caffeine. That might even boost the caffeine up to lighter roast coffee levels. You know, the blends you think weenies drink.

Yesterday was national bubble wrap day.
I'll just leave that with you.

This house I live in came with a garage. It has an automatic door opener too. Even when I was a kid, I've never lived in a house that had a garage that was used for a car before. My garage is detached, situated on the back of the property and accessible only by lane way and, in my mind, that canceled out me ever using it. So I have faithfully parked my car in front of the house, on the street, and every winter, I get up at 4:30 am, get ready for work, brush off the snow and scrape the windows while the car warms up. The other day I had to remove the crap in the trunk to make room for an order I was picking up in the city so I used the garage to empty the trunk and put everything back in when I returned home and I left the car in the garage over night. Holy hell on wheels! When I got in the car the next morning, no frost anywhere. No snow to brush. I didn't even have to warm up the car. I got to work a full ten minutes earlier than usual. I've been parking the car there ever since. What was I thinking?!

One of the problems was that there were about five different keys for the various doors on this property. Front door had two different keys (reg lock and dead bolt) back door had two others (same configuration) and then there was the garage door. So trying to figure out which key went where in the dark at five in the morning was more than I wanted to deal with. So two years ago I hired a delightful elderly locksmith to change all the locks and give me a set of keys in which each of those keys opens every lock. I should have been using the garage from that point on but it was summer and I forgot about it by winter. Having never had a garage before it didn't occur to me.

The other day, I jokingly asked the Lad: "Did you know that a garage is like a little house for a car??!!!". He patted my head proudly.

Only you can help make Bridezillas extinct

Can we please stop raising our girls to think their wedding is the most important day of their lives because they get to be a princess? A wedding represents a beginning, not the landmark day in a relationship. The critical day in a relationship was when two people came to believe and accept that their relationship was worth committing to for as long as they both live. The wedding is just a party to celebrate the legal part of that with friends and family. Here's an interesting article about the wedding obsession.

I'm not against getting the dress you want and can afford. I'm not against making choices based on personal preferences for the reception. I am against going deeply in debt or putting your family in debt and I'm against creating a woman who believes she's entitled to behave any way she wants because it's HER day. Grow up.

Cracked magazine listed the things to look for when identifying a bridezilla

  1. Bridezillas will do anything it takes to make their special day perfect. Even if this means destroying friendships, the marriage in question, or even whole cities.
  2. Bridezillas seam like normal human girls, until the wedding planning begins. By that point it's too late.
  3. Anyone woman you know could be a bridezilla. Your sister, your best friend, even that girlfriend you've been considering popping the question to. 

A worldwide decline of diamond prices 
in the 1930's lead to the
famous marketing campaign, 
"A diamond is forever."

Also before you put your groom-to-be in debt for that diamond we are all supposed to believe should be worth three months salary, consider NOT getting a diamond. Really. Until recently, De Beers was the company who owned the diamonds and De Beers is the company responsible for that laughable marketing ploy. Of course they wanted you to spend three months salary for their product. What they didn't want you to know is carat for carat there are far more valuable gemstones available for far less money. If you're really going for value, I'd be looking in a different direction than the classic diamond. The price of diamonds was artificially inflated because the company who owned 95% of them strictly controlled the amount of diamonds on the market. We all know that that keeps the demand high and the supply 'low'. 

Things aren't so easy for De Beers now because the availability of synthetic diamonds of practically any size led, in 2007, to the Gemological Institute of America’s acceptance and grading of lab-grown diamonds. And now these large synthetic diamonds are everywhere, selling at a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds in countless retail jewelers. 

Seriously, you need software and computers to distinguish between the real and the lab created diamonds out there now. Why waste your money when any trailer trash skank can own a 'diamond' that is bigger than yours and undetectable, by eye, as a man made version of your little quarter carat dealio. Diamonds are becoming so devalued that De Beers is getting into the IT business. Check out this article.

OK, everyone has been saying it and now I will say it. Jennifer Lawrence is adorable. She's is full of personality and also a lovable, geek goddess. She won Best Female Actor in a Leading Role (?) at the SAG awards. She looked fabulous, see:

Jennifer Lawrence at the SAG awards where
apparently the only newsworthy thing relating to her appearance
was maybe a wardrobe malfunction.

The only hits I get when I google "Jennifer Lawrence SAG awards" is regarding her possibly ripped dress! WTF? Maybe her dress ripped but I think looking at this photo that a separation of some sort was designed into the dress for some reason...maybe it has a built in break away train so she can wear it shorter at a later time. She seems like the kind of person who would go for something practical like that.

She was subjected to a ridiculous thing called a "mani cam" on the red carpet where some talking E! fashion bubble head wanted her to put her hand in a special camera'ed compartment for the purpose of analyzing and featuring the manicures of the stars. For the love of mankind, why would anyone care about this? Why?? Do we need close ups of that shit? So anyway she was game and she did this:

She does NOT have chubby fingers, you jackasses!
You entertainment people need to stop contributing to
misguided perception of beauty issues!!! She is perfect, leave her alone.

She managed to make the idiotic mani cam fun. Team: Jennifer forever. Unless she changes. Right now her sense of wonder and genuine sincerity are completely captivating. Oh, and did you hear? She's a pretty good actress, too.

I wasn't going to mention this but I'm having one of those days where I drop everything. I have to grab several bags from the car and the hand I arrange them all in is on the same side of my body as the pocket with my keys. So as I'm walking up to the door I switch hands, grab my keys, lock the car, go to unlock the door and I drop my keys. Twice. I swear there are some days when I feel like I might as well just drop things straight onto the floor as soon as I pick them up because they're going to end up there anyway. Just toss the soap into the bathtub right off the bat because that's where it's going to end up two or three times.

My hands just don't work like they used to and that, more than anything, makes me feel like I'm getting old. I have the strength, I just don't have the moisture in my fingertips to get a grip on anything!

I finally got in to see the dentist and got my temporary crown. I only need one, not two, at the moment, so that's half the trauma and half the cost I was expecting. I will have to get another eventually. Anyway the temporary crown is sitting too high and it's pissing me off. At least it's better than the partial molar I've been living with for the last two months. Also? I'm one of those high maintenance patients who needs extra freezing because I can feel everything. He didn't believe me last time so he raked his dentist's hook of torture (you know the one they like sticking in your cavities and then wrenching out again and then saying; Did that hurt?) across my gum wherein I jumped six inches off the chair and glared at him. "I'll just give you a little more freezing, then" he said.  All good today. No pain.

So how are things with you guys?


Angie said...

There is so much to love about this post...where do I start? First off, the hot chocolate looks very tasty and I had a virtual sip or two. Made with favorite.

I laughed about your garage discovery. My garage is also detached and coming from a house that had its garage firmly attached and somewhat heated, the detached felt a step down...a ghetto garage, if you will. I was all superior in the garage community UNTIL I moved. Unlike the Jeffersons, I was NOT movin' on up. I have adjusted and have no complaints, unless it's raining or has snowed and I have to get my feet wet to get to my car.

I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. If you remember me talking about the Hunger Games trilogy, I said how much I loved the protagonist Katniss, because I felt she was such a great role model for girls, unlike that silly Twilight girl. The fact that they had someone like Lawrence portraying her, just makes me love her more. I'm heading to "Silver Lining Playbook" this weekend, I will update you afterwards.

I want to talk about the benefits of sleep. The last two days, I've gotten 8 hours of sleep and I have to tell you, I feel amazing. As you know, I suffer from a bit of insomnia, so when I get me some sleep, I'm pretty happy. Yesterday was a day of total world domination. I got so much done. Sadly, I ended it with a very unsatisfactory crockpot meal, but I'm going to pretend it never happened and call the day a total success.

Wow, Angie is quite verbose today.

kuschk said...

Mmmm, chocolate iced capp...

Can you believe that I've spent this many decades on the planet and still never actually consumed an entire cup of coffee? Nothing more than a sip once or twice. Probably just as well, because If I did, by now now I'd one of those people like my parents who get a Tassimo machine one Christmas and suddenly wind up spending four times as much on coffee as they used to because they immediately become too lazy to make more than one cup at a time and could this sentence run on any longer?

No garage, just a car port. Don't have to clear off snow but still get frost. That said, I'm over here in the Kootenays so no having to plug-in the vehicle either. Back in my Prince George days, on the other hand...

I've been to about 15 billion weddings at this point and I can honestly say I no longer get the point of having more than, say, 50 people in attendance. What's the point of inviting 200 people (especially these days where far too many people are spending over five digits on them) if you're not going to see them individually for more than 15 seconds the entire weekend (especially those people coming from out of town)? Chances are if you're the bride or groom, you'll just be partying afterward with the same 15-20 people you'd be partying with after a small wedding, so why not just save yourself some money in the process? Throw it up online like some couples do nowadays and everyone gets to see it for free. Also, the Macarena fad died in 1996, DJs. Take that song and your chicken dance and sod off already.

On a lighter note, here's my new favourite band!

Anonymous said...

Dark Roast Coffee. Have to have it, every morning. Best coffee I ever drank was from Dominican Republic.

I used to be one of those Canadian sheep that went to Tim's every morning for coffee, then I bought a coffee maker. Gives me back at least 15 minutes of my life every morning.

Frimmy - bang on re: the weddings and bridezillas and the engagement ring. Mr. Ann and I got married 7 years ago. In Costa Rica. With my son and his friend we brought him for company. Ceremony was 6 minutes long. We played The Smiths. I have only a wedding band. I can remember as a kid my uncle getting married and the reception was at our house. A semi detached that was probably 1100 sq feet. I was so excited I got to throw confetti in the house. That stuff reappeared throughout the house for YEARS after. Weddings are not the family affairs they used to be and thats kinda sad.

Jennifer Lawrence. I wish I was her next door neighbour. She seems like all kinds of cool.

I haven't had a house yet without a garage. But I don't park in them. My first house, another semi with attached one car garage. I pulled in, in my little office skirt - the door opened all of 3 inches and I could not get out of the car. How dissapointing. I now have a 2 car garage but so much crap in there no room for a car. But there is room for the mannequin/zombie we put out front every Halloween. Gotta have priorities.

This was fun we should do this more often.


Frimmy said...

I will spring for the occasional gingerbread latte at Starbucks, I'm not above spending the money. But it's a once in a while thing, not a daily thing. I can't justify that kind of expense. Anyway if you do something like that daily, it isn't so special anymore.

Your wedding sounds lovely, Meissa. How many receptions can boast T-Bones for all?

After my wedding bash, I wanted to add that I thought Angie did a great job with her daughter's wedding this year. It was a lovely and balanced combination of unpretentious yet elegant and more importantly you can tell by the photos that everyone at the reception was comfortable and genuinely happy for the bride and groom. That adds such a deep warmth to a wedding - that the guests are happy to be there and genuinely celebrating along with an obviously happy couple. I know how much you laboured to get it right, Angie, and you did an amazing job.

Angie said...

Thank you, I do appreciate that. It was stressful, the planning and preparing, but even so, I don't regret a single moment or dollar spent. It was a beautiful day :)

Parsimonious D said...

Blue Mountain gives me the best buzz I have ever gotten from coffee. I can't really find it locally, though I haven't searched too hard for it because it's a bit pricey for me.

Cheers for recognizing lab-created diamonds as legit. There are some distinctions between synthetics and simulants. I read about it here:


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