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How did they get their sauces to form square blobs? How does one eat this dessert? Dragging a spoon across the table cloth in a big sweep? What about double dipping? Red wine poached blue berries? Blueberries are so perfect on their own...I just don't know. Is there something wrong with having a food stand on its own merit as a killer flavour?

You may or may not have noticed I'm a foodie. I'm not a food snob. I won't dismiss a food because it's 'instant', for example, but I regularly make my own mayonnaise. I also buy it. Maybe I'm not so much a foodie as I am unintimidated by things like making mayo or puff pastry. I like to think I have my foot in both worlds with a distinct appreciation for new and different foods.

I won't eat oysters. Well, that's not totally true. I won't eat them raw. Oysters Rockefeller are kickass. I don't have a problem eating things raw. I like sashimi and steak tartar. It's just that raw oysters are also live oysters and I have problem eating food while it's still alive.

The video above is the final dessert in a 20 course meal at a restaurant called Alinea in Chicago. Alinea regularly makes the "World's Top Fifty Restaurants" lists. I'd love to eat there, a 23 course "Tour" takes about four hours. I think it would be pretentious though and I really hate pretentious.

Alinea serves American Progressive food which is food that is the result of throwing food, art and chemistry into a distiller and seeing what comes out. They serve things like 

glass cylinders packed with tapioca pearls, hibiscus and crème fraîche which you suck from the cylinder  Or a strip of bacon suspended from a wire like a trapeze artist. Or a plate of something else that sits atop a pillow of lavender air which slowly deflates, exhaling aromas of lavender...It's an interactive experience as well. A dish called Pork Belly, Curry, Cucumber and Lime invites the guest to assemble the bowl in which the dish will be served. - [source]

This summer I've signed on as a team member in the first annual Cattle Boy Z and Rylie's Cattle Barn Cookhouse & Saloon's Great Canadian Cook Off. That's food I can sink my teeth into. I'll keep you posted. It should be a lot of fun.



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