F. Murray Abraham's Doppelganger

Teal'c centre with the gold alien disc embedded in his forehead is Jaffa

We have a thriving television industry here in Canada. One television series by the name of StarGate SG-1, starring Richard Dean Anderson, ran for ten seasons. Filmed in Vancouver British Columbia, it was a spin off of the motion picture, Stargate, staring Kurt Russell and James Spader, and it continued the concept of worm hole travel with star gates or worm hole portals on thousands of planets around the universe that all look amazingly like Vancouver forests and told the usual stories of alien based threats to planet earth, arrogant human inference and advanced technology like replicators. Don't ask. Beau Bridges played the commanding officer in the later seasons.

Teal'c with hair ahaha!! *wipes eyes*

One race of aliens encountered regularly were the Jaffa. One of the Jaffa was played by, I thought, F. Murray Abraham. I was so wrong.

not F. Murray Abraham

I found this out today when I was looking up information on the movie Inside Llewyn Davis. It's a Coen brothers’ movie based loosely on the life of folk musician Dave Van Ronk. One of the co-stars is F. Murray Abraham.

"Oh..." I said to myself and I'm telling you this knowing I'm risking ridicule from any number of sources by betraying the fact that I even know this, "...it's Bra'tac from Stargate SG-1". Not even close.

Hi, I'm Tony Amendola. You might remember me from
TV's Stargate SG-1 where I play a Jaffa Master named Bra'tac of Chulaka. Or not.

A subsequent search showed no evidence on F. Murray's info pages and bios that he was ever in such a thing as SG-1. Still, this doesn't mean it wasn't him. Many American actors travel to foreign countries, incognito, to work when they're between major productions and Canada counts as one of those foreign countries. (One of Keanu Reeves best performances was praised by Roger Lewis of The Sunday Times, who declared Reeves "one of the top three Hamlets I have seen, for a simple reason: he is Hamlet." in a theatrical production of the play in Winnipeg Manitoba, a place you will know from...well, nothing I can think of at the moment) Nevertheless there should have been a hit, however obscure, linking F. Murray and SG-1.

Tony Amendola

F. Murray Abraham.

Tony Amendola

F. Murray Abraham

While separately they seem like the same person, together you can see a difference. Amendola's nose is a little finer while F. Murray's has begun to rival W. C. Fields proportions. Amendola's beard is a little less unkempt. It's like Amendola is a kinder, gentler F.M. Abraham but these are very minor differences. They could play twins. I wonder if they know each other?

I had a boss once who looked very much like Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) only he wasn't goofy. He didn't mind this comparison and had a hoodie he wore around with Mr. Bean's likeness on it. I get the occasional person telling me I look like a thinner Jann Arden. Do you look like anyone famous? Do you know anyone who does?


Anonymous said...

Okay can we talk about Kurt Russell in the original StarGate movie?



Frimmy said...

OK. We can talk about Kurt Russell if you tell me if Amendola and Abraham look alike.

I was more of a Spader girl but I like quirky. That doesn't change the fact that Kurt Russell was hotness personified in that movie.

Unknown said...

What is happening here?

Frimmy said...

This was a conversation about two actors who resemble each other that got sidetracked into a conversation about Kurt Russell's hotness in the original Stargate movie. Where do you stand on Kurt Russell's hotness circa 1994?


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