Formatting and Termination Woes

This was me, earlier today.
Well not literally...

I had no end of trouble with spacing issues on the last post. I couldn't see the problem in the HTML coding either. I loved the subject matter and wanted to get it posted. If I can figure it out, I will make it perfect tomorrow but right now I'm tired and sore because I slipped and fell on the ice today while leaving work. I landed on my knees and knuckles. I'm fine, just a little impatient. After this I'm going to soak in the tub.

I had to go in to work on my day off today to terminate a lovely gentleman. He is blind. We were assured he could see well enough to do some cleaning. In fact he can't see much of anything and the more I worked with him training him, the more I realized how much danger we were putting him in potentially. I had no issues with his ability to do a good job, but I could not guarantee his safety as he navigated around the place. Where I work is like a house full of 40 teenagers pretty much.

Anyway, I wish him well and I hope he finds a place out there that will not jeopardize his safety. It's never a good day when you have to terminate a perfectly good person because the place is not a good fit for them.



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