Impromptu Choir at Tim Hortons

In Canada, Tim Hortons coffee shops are an integral part of our culture. It's where people meet, rendezvous, break up, get warm and find safety. Each restaurant across the chain is like an oasis when we travel long distances. Tims located in airports are the first place we go when arriving home from abroad. It is the essence of comfort to us. A home away from home and sometimes a sanctuary. I don't know how the brand accomplished this. If it was intentional or if it just happened. 

The Tims where I work is always poised to open after hours in times of disaster and is where RCMP and police direct people when weather forces roads to close. I have had more than one person ask to leave their vehicle in our parking lot when it's broken down and they can't get repaired over a holiday weekend. I always say yes. I've had more than one person bring me chocolates just for doing something a 'friend' would do. I have had a woman from another province ask me to check on a person who, unknown to me, was waiting outside our restaurant to be picked up by another friend after she left an abusive relationship with only the clothes on her back. I did. She did not want to wait inside but I was able to tell the woman on the phone that she was doing fine, was in decent spirits and I would continue to make sure she was OK.  That's what we do.

The above video is amazing. These men sound amazing. Not my choice of song, but they enrich it with their harmonies. This is my kind of flash mob. The kind that isn't rehearsed and the only purpose is the sheer enjoyment of adding your voice to other voices and making something magical. What a lucky person to be caught here on a cold winter evening.


Angie said...

This is what I feel I'm missing out on, due to my lack of affection for coffee beverages in general. I would love to have this kind of group to hang with in my golden years. It just makes me happy to know that these guys have such a wonderful little community to share and such a inviting place to share it in.

The music was just icing on the cake.

Frimmy said...

Well...we don't just carry coffee and tea. Perhaps a frozen raspberry lemonade? Hot chocolate? French Vanilla cappuccino? White hot chocolate? We could find something you liked.

True about the music being icing on the cake.

Angie said...

Hot chocolate! If I didn't abhor the cold, I'd move to have Canada and have hot chocolate at my local Tim's. I'm kidding, I couldn't leave my midwest humidity and funny accent :)


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