Pet Adoption Video & A Rant About Dog Owners

This was a super cute video, definitely. Actually, the post title should read: "Cute Pet Adoption Video & A Rant About Certain Kinds of Dog Owners" but there wasn't enough room.

I think dogs are OK. I had a dog when I was a kid. A poodle with gender issues. She was awesome. Very intelligent. Very butch. So, yes, I have owned a dog and thought highly of her. I don't understand the love affair people have with their dogs. The whole concept of thinking a dog is a fur baby. Or calling yourself the dog's mom or dad. It had parents. They were dogs too. That's how it works. Maybe I'm being too pragmatic.

Maybe they dislike the concept of ownership of a dog because people who abuse dogs see the dog as an object and dog lovers want to distinguish themselves from that kind of person. I get that but you're still not the dog's (or cat's, bird's, ferret's) mommy/daddy. I sincerely hope if animal owners have children they would have more respect for their kids than to put an animal on the same level as them. If you have no kids, if pets are your kids, I guess that makes more sense but you still can't change the fact that you are human and the pet is an instinct using, non-sentient animal.

That does not mean you don't love it. It's just a different kind of love than the love you have for your kids. At least I hope it is. What does it mean to love a dog?

The following was posted on a friend's facebook status yesterday.


Someone commented on this status with the following:

Then I must b a the biggest heart of all, they keep getting run over an I keep buying more

Some people think others have no right to an opinion about raising children if they don't have kids and I'm pretty sure dog 'parents' are the same. With that in mind I decided to ask a friend of mine what she thought about the comment above. She and her husband own two dogs, Australian sheep dogs I believe, and three cats. They live in the country. I asked her opinion because she's an intelligent, logical thinker and she loves dogs. I asked her this:

Wouldn't a person who loved dogs figure out why their dogs were being hit by cars and fix it? And wouldn't a person who loved dogs stop buying dogs if they couldn't fix it?

Becky responded:

If you own dogs, you keep them off the road. You build a fence that they can't jump over or dig under, or you keep them leashed, or you train them so they're absolutely trustworthy off-leash and SUPERVISE them when they're outside. If you can't keep them off the road you absolutely do not have any business having a dog until you figure out how to stop them!

And there you have it.


Angie said...

I'm going to rubber stamp your friend Becky's response. Exactly so.

Your page still loads sooooo slow...anyone else have this complaint?

Frimmy said...

I didn't know it was loading slow to begin with! When did this start? Has it always been this way? Are some posts worse than others?

Angie said...

It's not the posts, its the graphics of the page itself. Which is not a problem, except that when I pull it up, it's a black space where there used to be a pleasing green and blue background with a dandelion? It made me happy and the black makes me want to kick puppies. Which, when you think about it, isn't a great response, given the content of this particular post. Clearly, I'm very twisted and overly influenced by color schemes.

Frimmy said...

I miss that template too.


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