Picture Dump

Casual chat
[by Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber]

[by Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber]





I watched Blues Clues with the Lad and this was my all time 
favourite ending from Season 1 (The Elvis episode)


Cool light fixtures!

See...this is what I could never understand about getting drunk.
This does not look like fun to me.

Why are we suddenly putting fried eggs on everything?

Eggs are not a pizza topping. Or a burger topping.

What the joke is with this internet thing where faces are switched
with other faces or things, eludes me.  

Gentlemen, a little Team Fortress humour

I have drawers like this in my kitchen

This ex-tarantula has been infected with a fungus called Cordyceps
Cordyceps is the jungle version of the League of Shadows, restoring balance to insect populations that have become too large
It caused this spider (and any insect it infects) to sprout antler like growths.
Click here for a video about Cordyceps

Brennisteinsalda, Iceland



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