Picture Dump

This is my biggest picture dump so far so I'm trying a different format to help with page loading. There are a lot more pictures (and one mind blowing GIF) after the break.

A view you don't see often

Mountains...words can't describe them adequately.

Rainbow coloured water

A [Barrel? Troop? Tribe?] of evil

"Abraham De Lacy, Guiseppe Casey, Thomas O'Malley. O'Malley the alley cat"

In a fight between Jean-Claude Van Damme and a chick, the chick would win...


Oy...pike. My first catch...scary fish

Building forts with furniture. I don't do it enough.

I think the labels are a joke but what a great lunch!

So, I used to do daycare for Children's Services. My liason/case worker with CS, Jo-Anne, would arrange activities during March Break which the childcare providers could sign up for. I signed up for bowling. I had five kids under five so gutter barriers were put in place to prevent the bowling balls from landing in the gutter for the weenies who weren't strong enough to heft the balls down the lane. You have never played a slower, more boring game of bowling than a game that has gutter barriers in place.  

If adults gutter a ball, we grab another one and take another shot. When there are barriers in place, the ball doesn't gutter and keeps on rolling, slowly and painfully toward the pins. Hitting one side and then rolling to the other side to bounce off and start again. Or the ball just rolls down the lane. Really slowly. The balls rolled so slowly that on two occasions (two!!) the pin at the end of the lane actually stopped the ball without getting knocked over, that's the kind of weenies I had on my team. Three year old girls can't bowl. Word to the wise. And if you find yourself bowling with a bunch of 20 pound weaklings, insist on NO gutter barriers. The kids can get over it. You have a life.

Ahahahah!!!! [I'm going to hell]

Why am self conscious about what I wear in public??? 


Leopard  (jaguar?) launch in 3..2..1..

Is THIS irony?

I love it when the weather conditions produce snow like this

Bears are really big, see...? Look at the claws vs man's hand

Window washers in costume at a sick kids hospital. Cool.

Oh my god...

Yeah because a frying pan shaped like Idaho or Michigan is really practical

Autocorrect...Oh you!

I was originally going to post that this is the next new meme...but I'm already too late

Bowie then

Bowie now. He just keeps getting better and better

The lad got happy anime girl eyes when he saw this

Like this, only more manly

Pet flea magnified...oh whatever. It's magnified a lot and now no one is sleeping tonight

Or you could shake up whipping cream in a plastic container with lid for a lot less

This is a birthday cake for a FOURTY year old?? Oh you...!

This is the tongue of a house cat.
Do not ever let a big cat get its tongue on you.

Aww...she covered up her wonderful freckles

This is the 'by product' of the shark fin soup industry
At least these ones look like they were killed before being dropped back in the ocean

Well...I do NOW

Not too many things a set of googly eyes can't make better

LED stark arc reactor tee

Squid eyeball. I kid. It's a ball point pen tip

Wow I love how they coordinated their outfits

Because that extra letter is too confusing?

The Lad told me it's physically impossible for pigs to swim.

Refined sugar on the left, raw sugar on the right

Well there's your problem

Really hoping this is a joke

A sea pig! Hah...pigs can't swim, eh Lad?!

Salt and pepper

Velcro, magnified whatever times

Well...that was freaky as hell
(The rarely seen Goblin shark)


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed these...a few comments.

1) Bowie .. love him

2) swimming pigs...youtube this..there is some bahamian island with feral swimming pigs that come to your boat to beg...its too cute...the lad loses that one

3) love the octopus candleabra

4) Calgary beats Edmonton every time...is beauty is under appreciated.


Anonymous said...


damn you vodka tonic


Frimmy said...

The Lad told me pigs can't swim in general conversation the other day. Then right after he said that I found several photos of pigs swimming and I'm pretty sure the one I did post was one of the feral pigs in the Bahamas. I told him that I'm going to post a swimming pig picture in every picture dump from now on, in his honour.

(I didn't even notice the is/its till you pointed it out. lol!)


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