Picture Dump

Louis CK

Steve Buscemi

Stanley Tucci

Zooey Dechanel. Formerly goofy looking. Wait...

Elephants are weird looking. Even when they're ten days old. It's not just the trunk thing either.

Bone sculpture. Relax! Cow bone.

Horn sculpture

Cycling get-up that's cooler than all the other choices out there

Rooney Mara

Apparently if you configure your book shelves this way, they never fall over.
But you will fall over every damn time you look at the wall in this room.

Want this entire room!


What IS it with animals and TP?

OMG two Wilfred Brimley look-alikes!!

This is my nod to the Lad and his claim that pigs can't swim
(he's reading over my shoulder...he's frowning at me in a very comical way
He claims he was misinformed. Pigs can't fly, he says)

No...way. Now we have mannequins with implants?

Why do I bother putting ANY thought into what I look like when we have
people like this walking around out there?

Bill Cosby. Formerly hot. Look at those eyelashes!

Jack Karouac. Hot.
In Vain

The stars in the sky
In vain
The tragedy of Hamlet
In vain
The key in the lock
In vain
The sleeping mother
In vain
The lamp in the corner
In vain
The lamp in the corner unlit
In vain
Abraham Lincoln
In vain
The Aztec empire
In vain
The writing hand: in vain 
(The shoetrees in the shoes
In vain
The window shade string upon
the hand bible
In vain—
The glitter of the green glass
In vain
The bear in the woods
In vain
The Life of Buddha
In vain) 

Really, bacon is awesome but not that awesome

Vin Diesel with hair

Two badasses

Yes I know I've posted this one before. It's a lenticular cloud. How does it form?

Owen Wilson


Tables are the same size. Yes they are.


Unknown said...

I'm an alien. I want to disguise my flying saucer. So I hide it inside a cloud EXACTLY THE SAME SHAPE AS MY SHIP. Sneaky.

Frimmy said...

Yeah well you'd probably disguise yours as a grilled cheese sandwich and a bottle of vodka but that would attract MORE attention.

Wait...Nutella spruces up three DAY old coffee? Do you leave the mold formations in for texture?

Angie said...

I love picture dump day!

Angie said...

I'm telling you, that tile floor would be tore the f*&% up if it were in my house. Nothing could make that acceptable to me.


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