Ad Campaign to Promote Rats as Pets

The Cat. The blanket. The all too brief compromise.
Cat: Is that blanket for me? Then I don't want it.

I'm not an animals-in-my-house kind of person. I don't have a special love for dogs, I kind of like cats IF they're reasonable in personality. I'm team: Cats rule, dogs drool, I suppose but I'd really, rather not have either in my house. Or yard. I hate their droppings, drool and hair too much to tolerate the animal in my environment. I have a cat in my house. It's the Lad's. It's a pretty good cat for someone who doesn't want one around. He seems to respect that. However in true cat fashion, I am the one he wishes to sleep on when looking for a lap. Around 5% of the time I will let him. Once, he used to spend his days sleeping on my bed on a blanket I had put aside especially for his use. He would wait for me to lay it out for him, hop on and curl up. Then he stopped. He insisted on sleeping on my pillow. Ugh. So we are done, he and I.

Since I see no difference from one animal as pet over another, I have no prejudice against rats as pets. If you want a pet, an animal is an animal to me. Rats don't creep me out and I think if you put any domesticated pet in the environment in which you find rats naturally, they would all be equally disgusting. Rats are vicious? Any animal defending itself, its offspring or its territory is vicious. They're dirty? Only because their environment is dirty. They are prolific reproducers? So are rabbits.

Rats don't have fur on their tails. So what? They don't have fur on their nose or paws either.

Rats are clean and they're brilliant. They are friendly and reciprocate affection. I agree with this ad campaign that they have gotten a bad reputation. People act like rats were personally responsible for the Plague by choice.  

I had a very prim older friend say, in her lovely South African accent; "If you're looking to get [the Lad] a pet, I would highly recommend a rat. My son had one and he was a delightful creature." She went on to explain why. The concept of 'rat' being a "lovely creature" in an accent like that was very shocking in an amusing kind of way.

Yeah! What do YOUR cousins do?

Check out this website if you don't believe how great a pet rat can be.


Noelle said...

I've never owned one but have met a couple I liked just fine. I've heard they are not as nocturnal as other rodents so they don't keep you up all night and a more trainable and affectionate. Our class had one in middles school. I didn't really become very attached. His name was Stubbs because he had lost most of his tail. Kind of funny looking.


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