Another Thing About Which I Am Tired

Who even talks like that? Anyway it seemed wrong to end the title with a preposition and so instead the title sounds like it has a stick up its butt.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm tired of seeing pictures of girls (or men in some cases) that look like dolls. I'm tired of them being shoved in my face and I'm especially tired of the idea that this is something attractive. I realize I'm in a very small minority or why would there be so many doll-shaped people sporting make up of doll-like proportions.

I don't even mean symmetrical and naturally beautiful women. I admire them as much as the next person. I don't mean women with in inordinately big eyes. I mean women who artificially enhance their bodies and faces to look like an inanimate thing.

Boobs this size rarely grow naturally on bone racks. I have boobs this size.
I also have calf and thigh muscles. They help me walk.
Also? I don't stare at lollipops while sitting in the street.
Normal people don't do this

And there's something else they do too. They assume the vacant expression of an inanimate thing. How is this even remotely attractive to people who are normal?

Oh that's brilliant, honey, but you'd look better
with something in your mouth.

Even Barbie has to touch up the roots and take the make-up off once in a while and when she does she looks like us.



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