Geography + Art = Hot

Combination art + geography reminds me of Combination Olympics like cross country wrestling. It's a sketch by 4 On The Floor - they're the ones who do one of my favourite tunes I Get Around Town in a Brown Car - and it made the Olympics double the fun and challenge. Don't bother googling it. No, really, you won't find much. They're an obscure troupe even by Canadian standards. Sadly.

Ed Fairburn does something really cool. He creates portraits on maps. By shading in between the lines to highlight for us the faces he already sees there. Hard to explain, easy to see. This is his website where you can get further details about the pieces shown here and see his other works as well.


kuschk said...

The cartographer in me cringes at the thought of someone physically drawing on a map, but those are far too cool to get worked up about. Stunning.

Wow, a Frantics/Four on the Floor callback! Ahhh, the '80s on CBC... *insert Mr. Canoehead reference*

Frimmy said...

Of course, you're right! The Frantics is the troupe, 4 On The Floor was the TV show. I plead hot buttered rum + NyQuil on that. Not an excuse, just a pleasantly coma-inducing reason. Also, I didn't think anyone would get that reference anyway. I mean nobody.


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