Jack Long's Splash Photography II

With this post, Jack Long has reached the unique and dubious distinction of having two Frimmbits art posts devoted to his work. Here is our first feature, check it out, it will be worth your time. Here again is his web site.

UPDATE: Jack posted this website in the comments below but it deserves top billing.

According to the article I found recently, Jack also calls these "Fluid Suspensions." This is the site where his images were featured. It's entirely possible that while the post was dated January 29, 2013 the actual photos may date before the images on the first post, the internet being what it is. On that I'm just not sure.

Jack Long has been creating images with photography for over thirty years and his work involves capturing liquids of various colours and opacity in a second of time with a high speed camera. When last we spoke to him he assured us he likes scotch and works with no assistant so when you see his work remember that he's cleaning up all the messes it's all Jack, all the time.

You can tell by his work that he is obsessive about details and getting things perfect, like any artist. I assumed this because his images do not just 'happen'. They can't. It points to a lot of hard, but enjoyable work. Just remember this, Jack. (Sorry, I'm always looking for an excuse to incorporate that link somewhere. Nothing personal)

So strap on some goggles and let's get to it:

This is one of the photos featured in Jack I

Beautiful. This one has some Ebru qualities to it.

This looks delicious!

I love the colour combinations and how the varying degrees of transparency create texture.

I have to be honest and say that these captures are a little frustrating. This is because I want to have some of these suspensions or splashes physically sitting on the sofa table in my living room. However, they will only ever be short-lived, ethereal, fluid miracles that are gone in a fraction of a second and live on in a well executed photo.

This is his photostream on flickr, and check out more images here. Oh my...he has a store...


Jack said...

Frimmi my friend,
You have a refined eye for beauty and a keen sense of humor.
Thanks again,
Big love,

Jack said...

Sorry, forgot to mention...

Frimmy said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment! I linked the new website at the top of the post. Thank you for including it. :)


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