Little Picture Dump I

I LOVE this carrot coat!

Shanell Papp, is an Alberta artist who combines her love of
death and knitting to create these sculptures.
Textile sculpturer Death knitter.
I guess there's a kniche for everyone.
See what I did there?

no neck...?

chorus girl moves?

fan skirts and pom poms?
I'm missing something here...

Dr. Ruth Westheimer
A tiny German woman who looks like a tiny German man.
Her sweet innocent smile belies the fact that she
is a trained sniper and can still  load a Sten automatic rifle
in less than a minute.

Sometimes I include somewhat inappropriate images for the simple fact
that they made me laugh out loud. This is one of those images.

Well played, failing student


Rescue from the brain sucking white gauze in 3...2...



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