Little Picture Dump

Leafy sea dragon I

Leafy sea dragon II

Grilled cheese with avocado and bacon.
No no no! A grilled cheese is bread + melty cheese. The end.

Latest stupid cat walk thing. Necklaces made with bangles

On the list of things I'm never going to try because it's
so obviously a stupid idea only a designer would try it.

I don't know who these people are but I had a denim shirt
like that and my mother threw it out
because the elbows were ripped out of it.  So what?!
It was just reaching its peak of fabric softness

Latest inexplicable internet trend: Small Dad's
Because...who cares?

Now that's MY kind of chocolate!

Extra from The Walking Dead before make-up...

...and after


After...why alien eyes?




Kacper Kowalaski, Lakes of Pomerania

Guess what these are:

They're frying pan bottoms and they're surprisingly photogenic. Photos by  Christopher Jonassen


Angie said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I just don't get the fascination with avocado. It seems completely tasteless. In a grilled cheese is just a crime. Now add some pesto and a tomato...well, now taht is inspired.

Bangles as necklaces...well, this is just stupid. I respect the ingenuity that it must take to come up with fresh and interesting fashion concepts, but seriously? This is dumb.

I keep hearing about The Walking Dead, but considering I have a really weak stomach, I just don't think I could handle watching those extras. It's very nauseating to me.

Frimmy said...

I like avocado with salmon. It has a pleasing texture. I like it by itself with sea salt and cracked peppercorns and fresh lemon juice. But a grilled cheese needs no embellishment, I think. I don't really care what kind of cheese either as long as it strings when it's melted Although I will eat a grilled cheese made with the fake cheese slices that come wrapped in plastic. If you want to dip it in salsa or pesto or even ketchup after it's made, that's fine with me.

I'm OK watching TWD as long as I'm not eating. And I admit I cover my face when it's really gross. For example I have never watched the fat zombie in the well scene. I can't detach emotionally from what I'm seeing. It's a fault, but that's why the horror genre is something I stay away from. I do not associate adrenalin scares with fun. You know how people love being scared? Yeah, I do not.

Yes, it's make believe but telling myself that doesn't work. I broke out in red blotches (something that happens when I've been traumatized emotionally) watching the first Jurassic Park and the whole time I was telling myself to keep it together and using the mantra: "dinosaurs do NOT exist!!".

So I'm either a lot of fun (to laugh at) or no fun at all at horror movies. If you can get me there. Which you can't.

Noelle said...

The bangle necklace is so dumb I don't think children would do it playing dress up.


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