Little Picture Dump

The rock is not suspended in mid air...

Nude art exhibit attended by nudists.
Sorry, you're not nude if you're wearing socks/footwear
Also, why is it the saggy, creepy people who are nudists?
Also, elbows are really ugly when you're nude

Marginally less annoying than the actual muppet

He likes the loose, unstructured bird flip I see
This is a 'thing' with him. Flipping birds in photos. Show them guns, hotty.

This is a MacDonald's breakfast in Turkey. Awesome!

Just the way I like it!!

That's not actually the sky, it's a reflection of the sky in a lake.


Noelle said...

LOL at the assassins note. The nudist just look cold. I don't get it and I agree foot ware is not nude.

Noelle said...

Nudist should be plural. Nudists. Though almost pronounced the same. They really should wear clothes.

Frimmy said...

When i see stuff like this, I can't help but think it can't smell that great standing in a crowd of naked people in the middle of the day on a museum excursion. I don't know why I have this conception that nudists aren't into bathing to the same degree they're not into clothes.

Unknown said...

The chicken wings cracked me up


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