Melting Chocolate Lamp

OK...So this is art in the form of a chocolate lamp. Alexander Lervik has created something called "The Poetry of Light", where you turn on this lamp and there is complete darkness until the bulp (bulp? WTF?) bulb melts through the chocolate. Eventually, a gooey, sweet-smelling mess fills the reservoir.

This is right up there with hairless baboons on my list of things I don't ever want to see in my house. Melting cheese lamp would work for me.

Maybe my Valentine's humbuggery has to do with my dislike for chocolate. And roses. And cards and gifts dictated to a suggestible public by a retail industry driven by manufactured 'holidays'. But probably it's mostly the chocolate.


Clarabel said...

I love chocolate, but that looks disgusting!

Frimmy said...

Good to know, I thought maybe it was supposed to turn into a chocolate fondue and chocolate lovers would be all over that. But it really doesn't look edible does it?


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