Picture Dump

Shark head holds soy sauce. Or Sriracha if that's your poison.


Cake II


This is an avalanche flowing down a mountain.
Not a bird on a branch

Our friend Jack Long has some new images!

Haha, the other side is doing the same thing.
ZOMG how will we know whose holy water and
chanting to the exact same god will prevail??

I hope this man plays guitar

I knew it.


Who do we notify about the wrongness of combining MINT with everything?
Also, I don't eat soap so its energy boost will be lost on me

Lad <3

Change that from cake to Doritos and it's completely apropos

The scenes with Spiderpig in the Simpson's movie made me cringe

do not cross a cat with an owl

I don't know what's worse,
that someone would kneel and kiss the ring of another human
or the fact that that human would think it was OK

I like BBT but I hate the "bazinga" thing. Just saying.

Bowie, still hotter than anyone.

These are family stickers for your vehicle's back window. Not bad.

This looks like the world's most perfect lunch

Guess who this specimen of supreme hotness is?
Steve Carell. Yes, it is.

Garrett McNamara surfs the tallest wave ever in Portugal. The surf was the tallest.
Probably there have been taller waves.
How do waves even get THAT big? How loud would that be??

I need to watch The Big Lebowski some day.

Cute, for a teddy bear.

or deep fried pickles?


Unknown said...

Stealing the Rush VS Ramones thing :)

Angie said...

You need to break the picture dump into multiple posts, because it is goodness overload.

Noelle said...

Is it true? you haven't seen the Big Lobowski? must see. Great dumb really great dumb.

Frimmy said...

The Rush vs Ramones was for you, Meissa.

Angie are you saying the post is too long, or there are so many you can't appreciate them all? Breaking the bunch up into more posts would be easier, that's for sure.

Noelle, when you say "dumb" do you mean as in Dumb and Dumber? Because that movie made me want to kill my TV, bring it back to life and then kill it again.

Angie said...

There are so many, I can't appreciate them all. I like to comment on particular faves, but when there are so many, I lose track of where I am and I end up saying "I love picture dump day!!", instead of discussing the ones that make me giggle.

Dumb and Dumber makes me want to gouge out my eyes and ears, so I never have to experience it again.

Frimmy said...

OK. Smaller, more approachable dumps that invite comments. We'll try that.


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