Picture Dump

Dwight D Eisenhower painted stuff

Artist puts faces on garbanzo beans and poses them in real life settings

shot glasses

Me: Do you name your horses in Red Dead, Lad?
Lad: [embarrassed look] Whaaaat? Sometimes....

These are the names given to the four shapes of McNuggets

For me, this whole pie would be gold and would represent
old men with missing teeth and smelling of stale cigarettes and ass.

recipe for gagging:
Roasted grapes and goat cheese on sweet potato

Lad: Anyone with eyes can see this pig is wading, Mum

Can you imagine an apple pie with this crust?

This...this is why I don't game anymore

Snow, Grand Canyon

snow grand canyon


Anonymous said...

I think your attractive Frimm - and I have all my own teeth, and do not smell of smoke.



Anonymous said...

Also, please tell the Lad I believe that pig is treading water, not wading.


Frimmy said...

Ahaha!!! I will do that. XD


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