Reddit'er Creates Beautiful Calvin & Hobbes Wallpaper

I love Calvin & Hobbes. I love the fact that their creator, the reclusive Bill Watterson, has never licensed his comic strip for merchandising, preferring to let the comic stand on its own. That means all the rednecks with a decal of an evilly grinning Calvin pissing on the auto manufacturing brand they hold in contempt was never approved for use by the owner of these characters. They're lame anyway, don't you think? 

Calvin and Hobbes were named after John Calvin, a 16th-century French Reformation theologian (and an educated humanist lawyer), and Thomas Hobbes, a 17th-century English political philosopher.

Reddit member nite4awk created a series of wallpapers where he incorporated animated C&H characters into real backgrounds that compliment what the characters are doing. I think they're beautiful.

My fave

One of my favourite recurring themes was how Calvin escaped into his imagination and we were part of his imaginings. In his Spaceman Spiff persona he saw his teacher, Mrs. Wormwood as a polka-dotted alien demanding an answer to a math question, or oppressing him by requiring that he pay attention. When reality was forced upon him - and us - we saw his teacher as she really was, a person counting the days until she could retire in five years. Hobbes' duel nature, where he was a real tiger to Calvin and us but just a stuffed toy to everyone else, created a sympathetic relationship between Calvin and his audience. 

Or what about Tracer Bullet, Calvin's Philip Marlowesque alter ego, who saw his mother as a "pushy dame".

One word: Transmogrifier.

Who hasn't seen something of ourselves in those strips and had it brought back their childhood where we related to him completely for a microsecond? No? Well I had an active imagination which helped me escape. When that stopped working I retreated into books.

Oh yeah! Macabre snow sculptures!

I think nite4awk did a great job.


Angie said...

I always enjoyed Calvin & Hobbes. My mind always wanted to know for CERTAIN...was Hobbes real? Maybe the joke was on all of us adults...they wanted you to THINK he was a stuffed animal, but I don't know too many stuffed animals that were as clever as Hobbes.


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