Rory Gallagher - MacAvoy Boogie

Oh my my. The only way this would be better would be with a scotch. It's five o'clock somewhere, right? And how did I get here?? I was planning to do a Picture Dump post...

Oh Éirinn, what desolate and celestial sounds have wafted on the wings of heartbroken angels from yonder fair Isle? K, that's all the lame poetry you're going to get from me.

Rory Gallagher is another artist who, at 47, died way WAY too young. He was influenced by Lonnie Donegan and in turn went on to influence many musicians including Eric Clapton and Brian May who describes Rory Gallagher as a long-time hero. May once said: these couple of kids come up, who's me and my mate, and say 'How do you get your sound Mr. Gallagher?' and he sits and tells us. So I owe Rory Gallagher my sound. [wiki]

Brian May owes Rory Gallagher his sound, see? Music has its own circle of life. I think I'm going to do an in depth Rory Gallagher post even though music posts on this blog are deader than almost every Blues guitarist worth mentioning.

I risk ridicule by including this but the heart wants what it wants and I like this piece like a Cymothoa Exigua likes the tongue in that it might not be healthy but it's not harmful either. Ry Cooder played Ralph Macchio's guitar tracks for the movie Crossroads which lent this movie some musical street cred. Its only street cred, actually. It was a story which traded, cheaply, on the Robert Johnson legend.

Speaking of Robert Johnson legend, look at this fiddle:

Wouldn't this make the greatest fiddle in the history of devils going down to Georgia ever?!

So, anyway, Feeling Bad Blues is a good track. There's something about the electric slide that gets under my skin, takes an on-ramp onto my nervous system super highway and pulses through my psyche. Willie Brown Blues was an OK track too but the video featuring it has too much lame dialogue and is polluted with actors. Willie Brown was played by Joe Seneca in the movie. Willie Brown was a Delta Blues guitarist whose character in the movie mentors Ralph Macchio's character the way Mr. Miyagi did in Karate Kid. If you want to see it, it's here waiting for you on YouTube.

Here's Keith Richards showing us how to play Robert Johnston's 32/20 Blues and I don't think I'll ever be able to hear Keith Richards and not think he's 'doing' Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow.

Might have to get out my Johnny Lee Hooker album now. He knew Willie Brown personally. Meh, I'll stop there. I could get lost doing Blues posts. Reign it in Frimmy!! Reign. It. In.



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