Smaller Picture Dump

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"No way girl"? How about "you're a dumbass girl"?

Pastafarian in traditional headgear

I LOVE this girl.
watching her talk is like watching my sisters

He's just messing with us, right?

Why does a four week old gorilla look like a 190 year old human?


Hah! Not all aliens are more advanced than us.


kuschk said...

When Schrödinger's cat farts, it smells and doesn't smell at the same time.

Angie said...

Is the shark pic real? If so...yikes.

Baaramtoi said...

Jennifer Lawrence is the best. Every interview of her makes her seem like someone I'd want to be friends with. I never say that about any actors or actresses.

Frimmy said...

She could totally be one if us!! I've seen all of you make these faces. Which means I have made them too. O.o

Frimmy said...

Hah! A bonus Schrödinger joke!


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