True Facts About the Star Nosed Mole and Naked Mole Rat

After a dry spell of a couple weeks and one week where the video was too lame to post here (dung beetles), Ze Frank's thinly disguised fixation with testicles is surrounded by facts about the star-nosed mole, and below, the naked mole rat.

The Walking Dead Theme feat. Zombie Violinist

Oh Fish, You SO Funny




Red lips

Red-lipped Batfish

Any questions?

Yeah, is that five o'clock shadow?


Does it have a retractable, lure?

Funny you should ask that.

Why is it walking on its fins?

It is the Batfish.


One of my Monday to Friday full timers, whose name rhymes with Cory Whiddell, booked today off. Today is Good Friday. She booked it off because she remembers the shit show it was last year. I did not remember. She is wise.

We have endless line ups and not enough staff to deal with them on this weekend.  We can't appeal to the big restaurant to send staff because they are short as well. Worse than we are. Also, I spent the entire day thinking it was Saturday. Then I'd remember what day it really was and get depressed because today's craziness is just one of three long days of crazy. I didn't sleep last night. You need sleep to deal with people in line ups. Today was bad but tomorrow? I'll be dealing with indifferent, slow motion, teenage staff also. 

And it's warm outside. That means iced beverages and cold drinks. I anticipated a demand for cold drinks this weekend and ordered a lot. However, other stores are borrowing product and they're borrowing to such an extent that we are left without enough product to get to the next order. So, it doesn't matter how well I try to do my job, it gets undermined and whether for benign reasons or not the end result is the same.

I'm tired of that too but you get that with any middle management job anywhere, it is what it is. Mostly I'm tired that I have to relive the Saturday I thought I was living today. It hurts to move and I have two more days of this. I booked off next year's Easter weekend. I'll be joining my full-timer for dinner next year. Cory Whiddell doesn't know that yet. I'm bringing the dessert.

Meanwhile my next day off is Monday. You know what that means? I totally WILL be watching the season finale of The Walking Dead!

So, I've Started Catching Up On Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, Season 3, episode 10, Jesse is fixated on a cigarette butt left in his car by Jane, his girlfriend (now deceased). It has her lipstick on it. He won't throw it away.

Georgia O'Keefe painted doors

Jesse is skeptical. Why paint one door, over and over?

Should we just enjoy one sunset? I prefer sunrises, but that's me.

In episode 11 we see a flashback to where they are having a conversation about Georgia O'Keefe's many paintings of doors. Jesse says: "That O'Keefe lady kept painting that stupid door over and over until it was perfect". Jane says "No, that door was her home and she loved it. To me, that's about making that feeling last". She stubs out her cigarette. 

It's connections like this that make this series so compelling. Everything that happens, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, portends something, represents something or will represent something in a future episode.

I feel the character of Walt White is unlikable so far. Both his current incarnations, the unassuming family man/teacher and the criminal meth cook. It's been interesting to watch the actor play the role but that slack-jawed thing he always does to express horror, or surprise gets on my nerves. It reminds me of Demi Moore's one dimensional Ghost character. OK, all her characters. She acts like she's shooting a porn at all times, all dewy eyed and mouth hanging open a little bit. My opinion could be the result of seeing multiple episodes in a row so I'm saturated in a way I wouldn't be if I had started watching this show from the beginning. One week at a time. I don't like Walt's wife. The women in this show have terrible taste in clothing. Especially dressy stuff. Ugh. 

There are times when I want to jump in that pool. How can you have a pool and never use it except as a burning match receptacle?

I like Jesse, a lot. I don't see things turning out well for him.

Black Door with Red - Georgia O'Keefe

Jesse was not impressed with O'Keefe's doors. Me either. He was expecting paintings of vaginas, though. In any case, he liked the idea of holding onto an image that represented something good as Jane explained. I get that too. But, if I could have painted it then it's not great art. Not to me.

I like this better. Georgia O'Keefe's door - Annie Liebovitz
And this: John de Lancie...

...I'm sorry, sir, you will always be Q to me

Why does he keep saving Jesse?

Season 3, Episode 12 Half Measures
[update: I noticed after reading a summary that I've been spelling Jesse's name wrong and corrected it. I've been spelling someone else's name wrong and I can't remember whose, I apologize for that. I hate spelling people's names wrong because it seems disrespectful. I'll figure it out and update when I remember.]

False Killer Whale is False

I posted these pictures of a False Killer whale in a previous picture dump. I had never heard them before. Doug Perrine of SeaPics took these pictures while diving in Hawaii. The images show a gaping mouth and the images were presented as though this whale was a happy creature. Me, being a skeptic about anthropormorphizing animals such things, decided to find the real truth behind whether this whale was happy. Turns out, it probably was.

In spite of being named for something they're not, and in spite of this name being totally lame, False Killer whales or Pseudorca - pseudo + orca really? SooDORKa?!  - are generally amiable creatures to others of their kind and us. They share their prey. In Hawaiian waters, Pseudorca have offered fish to human snorkelers and divers. In BC waters, Pseudorca will often offer freshly caught salmon to people on boats. Isn't that sweet?

When they do offer salmon to humans on boats, the fish will already be tenderized with puncture marks from its head full of forty-four huge teeth.

Pseudorca's range

Swimmin' around with tuna in the mouth
[Photo: Daron Verbeck]

more tuna...
[Photo: Dan McSweeny/Wild Whale Research]

Mahimahi in the mouth
[Photo: Dan McSweeny/Wild Whale Research]

Look at me I'm a whale and me & my kid can hang
in the water mocking you

It's about 6 m (20 ft)

Teeth in the mouth
[Photo: CC Chapman]

Pseudorca is really one of the larger members of the dolphin family and further proof that it is not a killer (nor an orca) is the fact that members of this species are kept in a few aquariums around the world and are part of the performing troupe.

Happy as a dolphin. Only with a mouth so big it can swim around with you in its mouth

While I was searching for information and pictures to steal, I wondered what other strange whales are out there. Ones I've never heard of. I may as well find out now to avoid surprises, right? Are there anymore? Yes. Yes there are. Or maybe not.

North Atlantic Right whale. I have heard of this whale but it's worth including
Photos of the Right whale always show it with its mouth closed.
It looks like it's smiling a big dumb smile from the front...

...but from the side it's as a grumpy as dolphins are grinny

Melon Headed whale
It's not really melon headed. I was expecting side show freaks, dammit

Beaked whale...aaaand it looks like a dolphin
Fine. Just because a whale is referenced a lot doesn't mean I can't qualify it as freaky. Here are some strange looking whales you have heard of.

Sperm whales are pretty much all head

Narwals don't even have an 'e' on the end of their name.
WTF taxonomic nomenclature people?

Medium Sized Picture Dump

Whoa there little truck!

Don't miss pennies one bit

*nods at the Lad*

I don't get it


Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and badass meme star
This was probably from his days as a dancer.

Jon Snow...aww

Teenage Anaïs Nin

False Killer Whale says: Hey... YOU doin?

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