A Little Slice o' Frimmy

'post-it' note says: "I owe you 1 wallpaper"

I work in my bedroom. This is the desk. It's a pine flip top. I bought it from a place that had all the old furniture from Chateau Frontenac in Old Quebec during the one night I stayed there. I paid $130 dollars for that desk, 25 years ago. 

There is a range of items on top of the desk designed to hide the modem and router. Do you see them? Exactly. Inside the desk I have stationary supplies. Pens, pencils, batteries, tape. All things I swore I would always have handy because I could never find that crap when I needed it when I lived with my parents. Now all these years later it's still a big deal to me that pens, tape etc are easily available. 

I have a light clamped to the monitor. This is new, bought at the same time I got my keyboard.

I have an extremely comfy desk chair.

That's a view of the view I have when I write or surf.  It's mellow.


iambriezy said...

Very cozy.

Angie said...

I love peeks into my friend's lives. I think your spark plug chef is hot, as well.

Frimmy said...

The spark plug chef is the best sculpture EVER!! You have excellent taste.

I love getting a peek into my friend's lives too. A friend of mine - you don't know her at ALL - likes gleaning every bit of personal information about Crabbie from his podcasts and having it tattooed on her back. I thought I'd post about my desk for that reason. Maybe other stalkers would like this information for their back tattoos.

Clarabel said...

I ran out of room on my back but my ankle is available.

Frimmy said...

Haha!! Readers digest condensed versions of my life are available on Amazon.ca. It consists of a limerick about Blackheath and a picture of a fat baby, swaddled in blankets, lying on her tummy on a sofa and glaring in a menacing way at the camera. Hopefully that will leave enough room on your ankle for something really cool!


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