Death Star Conspiracy Theory

An examination of some questionable events and circumstances leading up to the destruction of the Death Star.

This was made by a fellow countryman, nay a provinceman er...he's also from the same province I grew up in - PEI! He put it up on YouTube last week and it has almost two million views so that means almost two million people have seen it that's an accomplishment. It's an amusing video and contains a run on sentence at the end that looks terrible in text but is still food for thought:

A simple farm boy with minimal combat training while working for his sister's terrorist group manages to blow up the most heavily fortified battle station ever made that happened to belong to his father who happened to be the only surviving crew member that day.
Sounds like a conspiracy to me.



Unknown said...

Also consider that Vader totally lets Luke and Leia get away from Hoth. He was clearly at least conflicted. Kept undermining the Empire's plans for his own personal agenda. Then when he has a chance to reconcile with Luke he maims him. Messed up dude. Michael Lohan-ish.

Frimmy said...

Very Lohan-ish. Both willing to exploit their children for personal gain to their detriment. Ignoring what is basic appropriateness with their children to promote themselves and their goals. With Vader you see the conflict. With Lohan, not so much. A part of me is slightly pained that I'm comparing a fictional antagonist with a real life dickhead...OK, I'm over it now.

Frimmy said...

I'm conflicted. As of today this blog has 31 public followers and all I ever wanted to do was write for myself so the gnawing in my head would ease up. It has eased up. Am I happier? What is happy.

The big, gnawed-away blank in my brain is still there. It hasn't filled in like I hoped but I'm calmer. Like how a shipwreck survivor would feel when they realize they have made some headway with the endless bailing but they're not out of the woods yet.

I never sought to have 'followers'. I don't know if I want them but I love them. It validates me. It scares me.

Have you ever had the munchies but had no room in your stomach to eat anything? That's conflicted.

I never get writers block either. I get writer's ennui. Is that the same thing?

The big, gnawed-away blank is stealing my words, I think. Not words to describe things, or words to tell a story, literal words. Like "nuance" and "impugn" and "ameliorate" and "efficacious". Words that once competed to be used, pushing ahead of each other, eager to round out a description perfectly, are silent now and standing around indifferently trying not to attract attention. How can a brain lose a word? Why have they been corroded?

And so I write to capture them because I have this fear in the back of my mind that one day I'll lose all my words and my cognizance along with them. This blog is a zoo full of caged words that I can visit. And maybe one day I'll come here and admire the words and wonder who wrote them. I hope I like what I read.


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