The things I do for you people. I was cleaning my fridge and because Angie said she likes peeks into the lives of her friends I thought I would give you a peek into the fridge.

I have a lot of pickles. Almost the entire left side of the second shelf. I like pickles. Homemade are better but I don't have time. I had someone's homemade beets the other day and they were killer! 

The top right is the butter/sugar mixture for hot buttered rum. Do you have these brands? I keep gin in the fridge. It would be in the freezer but the freezer is too small. Leftovers from dinner the other night. It will be tonight's dinner.

I don't know why I have two open jars of jalapenos. I use them to make queso which goes on broccoli and nachos. not at the same time. Yes there's a lot of hot sauce but they're all different types. The apple pie cheddar is all gone.

I love it when my fridge and stove are sparkling. It's so rare, I had to take a picture.

You know what I hate? Having hair wrap around my fingers when they're wet. It's enough to make me vault out of the water if it happens in a pool. I don't know why. It just grosses me out that badly.


Angie said...

Oh my god, hair on wet hands.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I have the same brand mayo, but that's about it. I'm more interested in your floor, since I'm focused on refinishing mine right now. Peeking into people's lives is even more interesting when I see something that I can relate to. A clean fridge is not one of those things.

I fridge isn't too bad.

Frimmy said...

Floor...not much to tell. It's distressed in some areas and dented. I think they were recently refinished because the house is 1950's judging by the wallpaper left inside the linen closet in the hallway. *shudders*

My oven is never that bad because it's self cleaning and what do I have to do to clean it? Push a button and turn on the exhaust. Maybe leave the house for a bit. Big deal. Remember "Easy Off" oven cleaner? The kind you brushed on with a brush? Then there was the spray on crap. It's simplicity itself to keep ovens clean these days.

My fridge is a bit more of a challenge but still easy to clean. It's not a big deal if you clean up drips and wipe off jars etc before you return them to the fridge after use. Today however, I dismantled the class shelving and did the deep clean thing.

I thought we'd share more than a brand of mayo! No bicks? In the door there are a lot of things I bought at the Asian market, that might not translate, but Kraft salad dressings?

Angie said...

Like our friend Briezy says...wallpaper is Satan's skin and bad wallpaper? Well, bad wallpaper is Satan's ass skin.

I have a self cleaning, but I also lay down a sheet of foil, so as to minimize how much I even need to employ it. I hate the smell, it makes me feel as though it was made in Chernobyl.

My fridge suffers from what I call the husband syndrome. When he decides he wants something for supper involving meat, he tends to take it out of the freezer and put it in the plate underneath. Enough said.

I have no bicks and although we have the Kraft brands and the Activia yogurt, I lean towards the Paul Newman and Great Value brands :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the lemon flavoured Activia yogurt. Have a container of it in my fridge at all times.


Frimmy said...

I LOVE that stuff!! Remember those old fashioned lemon puddings that got baked in the oven and as they were baking they would separate into an airy cake-like layer on top and a pudding layer on the bottom? That's what lemon Activa reminds me of. I love that dessert...oo I should make it again, it's been years..


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