Intricate Wire Sculpture - CW Roelle

Based in Rhode Island, CW Roelle wields pliers and black wire to create intricate works that are full of filligree and character and look like pencil drawings from a distance.

He was inspired to use this medium in college when he looked at one of his drawings and wished he could reach in and move a line around. He began immediately to recreate his drawings using wire. 

This is his facebook page, this is his flickr page and this is the article where I got the information above. Head over to the article where they have posted a completely different set of images.

I love this one. Toppled plant, feet of a man sticking out into the entryway.
Items on the floor where they aren't supposed to be. Images on the wall.
The depth of the foreground, the room beyond and
building through the window in the distance

This appeals to the foodie in me...

This appeals to the drafter in me...

CW Roelle at work



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