LED Mushroom Lights

Japanese designer Yukio Takano of The Great Mushrooming creates LED lights that look like mushrooms. He or she embeds them in driftwood or other gnarly wood formations for further authentic effect.

In addition, these lights are beautifully packaged. I think the crate they come in is a work of art in itself! They come with batteries and really cool retro on/off switches. Check out the link above for more examples.


Noelle said...

Cool. BTW the phone app of your blog works great! I haven't tried it in a while I don't know how long it's worked like this but I like it.

Angie said...

Phone app? What phone app?

Oh, and the lights are very cool :)

Frimmy said...

The mobile version of blogger I think. It's a slightly different format. Loads quicker.


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