Meh Picture Dump

I have a keyboard. I sat here prepared to dash out something inspiring. Nothing happened. There aren't even any great pics out there...


Breaking Bad terrarium. I get it now.

Lucky charms cheesecake. Because...?

You can dress up for an awards show but the tattoo busts you back down to
street casual no matter what kind of fancy outfit you're wearing. Sorry

Why are we wearing oddly coloured heels with jeans, Reese?

Politician's skeleton


Angie said...

As per our agreement, I will offer my mediocre observations on the dump. First, I share your view on the tattoo busting the outfit down to street casual. As hard as I try to be open minded and culturally "with it", I just can't stop viewing a tattoo as something my grandmother would kill me for having. Heels, ill-fitting jeans, pumping gas? Doesn't work for me. The balloon makes me want to blow chunks. The mirror picture is beyond words. What IS it??? The underwater photographer has balls of steel. I especially enjoyed the owls on the street. The cat is a genius.

Frimmy said...

The mirror pic is by an artist I'm going to do a post on whenever I get some motivation. These creations are available in etsy. They're all creepy like this.

I don't get the 'running around doing errands in jeans and stilettos' thing. I can walk in heels but i cant drive in heels.


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