Minimalist Pencil Drawings - Ileana Hunter

Minimalist is the art of drawing or illustrating what isn't there more than what is there. Actually the proper wiki definition is: exposing the essence or identity of a subject through eliminating all non-essential forms, features or concepts.

So, drawing a hand by not drawing a hand but by drawing the shadows the hand casts in its contours and the things around it.

Ileana Hunter is a gifted artist and minimalism is one of her styles. For this post I'm featuring celebrity portraits because I'm shallow that way but it also gives you an idea of how good she is. 

Ileana. She's hot and she draws really, really, ridiculously good looking drawings.

She describes herself as a "Graphite artist, mum, reader of books, eater of cookies and taker of photos. Lots of other things, usually very contradictory." Based in the Norwich, England, she is a Romanian by birth. Her biography says her drawings are a juxtaposition of intricate detail work and minimalistic compositions. Any description that includes the word: juxtaposition is a winner in my book.

This is her facebook page, her etsy fine art page and this is her deviantART page. Check her out.

She did not draw a nose here.
She drew the shadows of a nose and nostrils


Angie said...

I truly love these. I love sketches, whether it be pencil or charcoal...the black and white shows you exactly what you want to see. Color can sometimes dim the beauty of the subject.


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