More Pathetic Than Instagramming Dinner

I've heard about the current trend of taking photos of your meal and posting it to Instagram but I don't have Instagram because: Why would I? However I'm doing something even more pathetic. Blogging dinner.

It started when I wanted to make the apple croustade I used to make all the time and haven't made in forever. The Lad poked at it and asked "what's this" in his meme-iest face. It looks like a crap load of work and it's nothing, nothing! to make.

I don't like making pie crust. I can make it. I just don't like making it.

After I took the photo I thought it looked too white. So I sprinkled it with sugar.

Mushrooms: sometimes I just saute a pan and count that as a vegetable. Screw you food pyramid.

Pork and apples were made for each other, don't you think? That's why roast pigs are shown with apples in their mouths all the time. No...I just made that up.

And voila! so pretty. Actually, it's not that pretty. It's rustic.

I forgot to take a picture of the 'after' when it came out of the oven before a piece got taken. The Lad pronounced it "edible". And now? This thing will call to me until it's gone or I toss it out which ever comes first. This is why I don't make dessert anymore.


iambriezy said...

That looks delicious. And very impressive!

Angie said...

What exactly is it?

Frimmy said...

It is apples sauteed in cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. Phyllo pastry buttered, folded in thirds lengthwise and laid out in a spoke formation covering and extending beyond a pie plate. The pasty is filled with the apples and each sheet of phyllo is then twisted, an formed into an individual rosettes around the outside if the pie. Bake and serve

Angie said...

So, in essence, a very pretty apple pie?

Frimmy said...

An easier, more forgiving, tastier, prettier apple pie.


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