My Cousin Animates a Video by BRIGHTER LATER

First, I'm not into genealogy mostly because Mormons have the best genealogical resources and I don't want them finding out about my dead relatives and converting them to Mormanism posthumously. Second, I need room in my brain for songs about carrots. 

Fortunately for me, other people in my family are into genealogy and have done the tedious research and passed out the 20 page questionnaires for us all to fill out at family holiday get togethers (which I didn't fill out because she's family and if she still didn't know who my ancestors were she's doing something wrong. I kid!). Upside is this has resulted in putting me in contact with one of the most awesome cousins (not the one I mentioned in the title) ever! I'd say THE most awesome cousin but my other cousins are so cool that would be a lie. (more on that another time) My Aussie cousin lives nearby Brisbane on the Gold Coast. Her hubby is into meticulously restoring old vehicles. That's why I know what a Kombi is. Contact with this cousin has put Australia on my radar and I listen to Brisbane radio periodically. Pretty much any Deadman/Dedman down under is related to me however distantly, whether they want to be or not.

The branch of the Deadman family that settled in Oz arrived there in the 1800's. I think. I stopped listening after I learned they weren't exiled criminals. Some Deadman individuals were pussies and took the "a" out of the last name but we didn't because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In addition to that, I was born on the thirteenth so either I slouch around embarrassed about my existence or I embrace it. I liked macabre themes and flouted superstitions which made me a bit of a notorious standout, not in the real, worldly, world you're used to, but in the rigidly fundamental Christian community in which I was raised. Parents warned their children about me. Also one of the parents thought I was gay. Ahahaha!!! She wished.

I'm all about digressions today...sorry. (Not sorry in the least)

This is a song by BRIGHTER LATER, an Indy band from Melbourne. It's called The Woods and it was animated by Polly Dedman who shares my name and is related to me whether she knows it or not. I love it and I don't care that she got all the artistic talent and I got none.



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