Pretty Fly For a Short Guy

Peter Dinklage
I understand why his character in Game of Thrones is one of the most popular. He is Tyrion Lannister, and I say that having read the book as well. It must be fulfilling as an actor of character to have a role that doesn't involve some sort of carnival or circus element. And he's hot. That's beside the point.

He has the classic body of a dwarf, or is it Little Person? Wiki describes it:

Disproportionate dwarfism is characterized by one or more body parts being unusually large or small compared to the rest of the body. In achondroplasia one's trunk is usually of average size, one's limbs being proportionately shorter, one's head usually larger, and a prominent forehead.

Yep. However he does not comport himself in any other way than full statured. How does he do this? Is it the tailoring? Clearly the jacket would be disproportionately longer than the pants. My dad is 5'8" and has a 27" inseam. At 5'5" my legs are much longer than his. Salespeople always urged him to buy suits for short men because he was short. But in reality, his body was tall and his legs where short. When he figured that out, he bought tall suits and had a foot taken off the pants and that made a world of difference. Of course you're going to look weird if your entire bottom is hanging below a suit jacket. That's not where the jacket is supposed to fall. It draws attention to your disproportionate body/leg ratio.

He's got the tailoring thing down but it's more than that. I think some people's manner causes them to project themselves tall in other people's perceptions. Either by charisma or personality or the way they command attention. I think he has this going on too and not in a bad way. In a confident way.

How did this happen? First he's a dwarf, second his last name is Dinklage. Don't tell me he didn't get mercilessly ridiculed in school, you know he did. How does a parent teach a child to turn this around and make it work for you? Did they do something specifically to help him or did they just treat him like everyone else and expect the same of him that they did from his brother, for example?

I'm ashamed to say that in a completely ironic and hyperbolic way I used to say that clown, midget, amputee porn was the only porn I liked. You know rule 34 demands it actually exists. If it does, I haven't seen it and thank the gods for that, but my point was that how could it exist? What form of psycho would want to see it? This man changed my mind about dwarfs being physically attractive. I've never met an ugly dwarf, don't get me wrong, just not someone you could hold out as an example of leading man hot. On my personal list of Top Five sexy qualities, tall is number one. I used to rate it above "breathing" when breathing was on the list. (Non-smoker, brains, unpretentious and sense of humour on the list now) So, well done sir, you've changed my mind and I don't change my mind easily.


iambriezy said...

I agree, he's hot. I think it's because of his confidence, it just seeps from him.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not questioning your honor. I'm denying its existence."

Still waiting for a chance to use that in life. "Honor" doesn't come up much in general conversation. Farts more so.



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