Ryusuke Fukahori - Amazing Goldfish in Resin

Ryusuke Fukahori is a Japanese artist. This is what he does:

You're saying; "What? He arranges goldfish and water plants in strange containers creating surreal goldfish environments?"

You think that's goldfish you're seeing now? Hmm...

No, he paints a layer of the goldfish, adds a layer of resin and paints the next layer of goldfish. Even when you know how he does it, your brain won't let you believe it.

He even includes what looks like fish droppings in some of the containers. Below are two images of a larger piece and I have included a video of how he made it. I think these works of art are extraordinary and wonderful and at the same time tranquil. Ryusuke Fukahori's web site is here.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous...how much would something like that cost?


Frimmy said...

Aren't they amazing?! I might look into that a bit more. That's a scary side effect of the art posts I do. I want one of almost everything.

Angie said...

When I first browsed the pictures (not actually reading), I was freaked out, thinking there were actual goldfish trapped in resin, that's how realistic they appear. Very cool.

Noelle said...

Amazing. How does this come about? Did Ryusuke wake up one day and say I want to try to paint in layers in and one resin and goldfish are a favorite?


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