Small Picture Dump

Avengers snails

Universal truth

crime scene

Not a caption

Julie Kavner has aged very well. 

OMG she's PREGNANT not fat.
I don't want to be on this planet anymore

This is the enclave smoke stack
Irreverent seagull!


This cabinet is carved to look like it's glitching.
I think that would give me a headache
after a while but way cool in someone else's house


Angie said...

Love the big cat in the box. Explain again Schrodinger's cat? Totally laughed at the KK/whale comparison. Pregnant or no, I really can't stand this woman or her family. People starve, but she lives like a royal because she had the foresight to let a guy piss on her. Classy. Going my entire life without hearing Dave Grohl's name and now I've heard it three times in the last week or so. Weird.

Frimmy said...

It's a thought problem in quantum mechanics. A live cat is put into a box with an open flask of poison. The cat will die if it stays in there. So until you open the box to determine if it is dead, it's exists simultaneously in a dead and alive state. This is essentially the point of most references to Schroedingers cat. Something being and not being at the same time.

I agree about the class and integrity of the kardashians. Can't stand them. But. I'm sure there will be enough after baby fat shots to make everyone happy.

Angie said...

Thank you. Would you like to use it in a sentence, to illustrate?

That won't make me happy. What would make me happy is if I never had to see a picture of any of them again. You can give white trash all kinds of money and they will still be white trash. Although, they really aren't considered white, are they? Armenian trash? But that is just insulting to Armenians.

Frimmy said...

Use it in a sentence. OK.

Schrodinger’s cat walks into a bar and doesn’t.

Schrodinger's cat is nothing necessary to know and you're not less intelligent for not 'getting' it. Schrodinger set this whole thought problem up to mock quantum theory, not explain it. The reaction of something being both dead and alive at the same time happens at an atomic level. An actual cat in a box with whatever deadly substance will be a dead cat not a magical cat existing in the nether regions of life or sub space. So to speak.

And literally, anyone who intentionally does something that results in a dead cat is evil, not a brilliant quantum theorist.

I think the thought problem thing is stupid taken as serious physics and most of the jokes are only funny in an 'I'm a geek and I get it and you don't' kind of way. The joke is slightly amusing to see how the concept can be applied for laughs and it's always good to know the truth behind Schrodinger's cat so you can put obnoxious hipster, geek, assonions (Lad's word) in their place.

The caption on that image was actually the joke. "not a caption" is both a caption and not a caption.

Now that you know, I will have to kill you. Or not kill you.

Agreed on the trash that is Kardashian. They're galling.

Angie said...

The only thing I got out of that comment was assonion. I'll be using that soon.

Just kidding, I loved your explanation. I lean away from thinking Schrodinger's cat is funny, because I knew someone once that ruined it for me, acting like understanding the idea behind it was only for members of the cool kid's

Frimmy said...

Well, now that you know, the next time someone pulls that bullshit on you you can say "if Shrodinger were here right now, listening to you, he would be laughing at you as much as I am at this moment". Then that person would be feeling kicked out of the cool person club.


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