So, I've Started Catching Up On Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, Season 3, episode 10, Jesse is fixated on a cigarette butt left in his car by Jane, his girlfriend (now deceased). It has her lipstick on it. He won't throw it away.

Georgia O'Keefe painted doors

Jesse is skeptical. Why paint one door, over and over?

Should we just enjoy one sunset? I prefer sunrises, but that's me.

In episode 11 we see a flashback to where they are having a conversation about Georgia O'Keefe's many paintings of doors. Jesse says: "That O'Keefe lady kept painting that stupid door over and over until it was perfect". Jane says "No, that door was her home and she loved it. To me, that's about making that feeling last". She stubs out her cigarette. 

It's connections like this that make this series so compelling. Everything that happens, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, portends something, represents something or will represent something in a future episode.

I feel the character of Walt White is unlikable so far. Both his current incarnations, the unassuming family man/teacher and the criminal meth cook. It's been interesting to watch the actor play the role but that slack-jawed thing he always does to express horror, or surprise gets on my nerves. It reminds me of Demi Moore's one dimensional Ghost character. OK, all her characters. She acts like she's shooting a porn at all times, all dewy eyed and mouth hanging open a little bit. My opinion could be the result of seeing multiple episodes in a row so I'm saturated in a way I wouldn't be if I had started watching this show from the beginning. One week at a time. I don't like Walt's wife. The women in this show have terrible taste in clothing. Especially dressy stuff. Ugh. 

There are times when I want to jump in that pool. How can you have a pool and never use it except as a burning match receptacle?

I like Jesse, a lot. I don't see things turning out well for him.

Black Door with Red - Georgia O'Keefe

Jesse was not impressed with O'Keefe's doors. Me either. He was expecting paintings of vaginas, though. In any case, he liked the idea of holding onto an image that represented something good as Jane explained. I get that too. But, if I could have painted it then it's not great art. Not to me.

I like this better. Georgia O'Keefe's door - Annie Liebovitz
And this: John de Lancie...

...I'm sorry, sir, you will always be Q to me

Why does he keep saving Jesse?

Season 3, Episode 12 Half Measures
[update: I noticed after reading a summary that I've been spelling Jesse's name wrong and corrected it. I've been spelling someone else's name wrong and I can't remember whose, I apologize for that. I hate spelling people's names wrong because it seems disrespectful. I'll figure it out and update when I remember.]


Anonymous said...

Jesse is the son he never had. Yes I know, Walter Jr. But Jr is...what's a kind way of saying this? Incomplete. Walt feels closer to Jesse I think.



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