Picture Dump

thank you Meissa2112!

Assimilated, you will be.

Bacon-wrapped meatloaf slathered in barbecue sauce
and stuffed with mac n’ cheese. Not feeling this one at all.


Someone made a prosthetic tail for an alligator. 

Alligators live up to 60 years so he will need about 40 new larger prostheseses (!) Yeah, that makes sense. Invent and supply a lifetime of prosthetic tails for an animal that was removed from the endangered list in 1987 and is now harvested for its skin and meat. I know something that would have worked better. Two words: alligator nuggets

Gay Rights Centre, Topeka, Kansas.
right across the street...I'm sorry, what?
Oh...OK, folks, this just in, they're saying the house is next door
to the Westboro 'godhatesfags' Baptist Church.

Good thing she got those nails done
or this would have been a disaster


*nods at the lad*


Rock. Always choose it.


Angie said...

Love the rainbow house, hate the Westboro Baptists Church. The teeth shoes are just straight up creepy.


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