Tiny Picture Dump

I bet the dog keeps it neater, too


Parasauralophus. I know this because...
damn, you Lad

Marie Curie's notebooks are still radio active

Dik-diks stand as little as 30 cm (12 in) at the shoulder, are 50 cm (20 in) long
and weigh as little as 3 kg (7 lb)

This was on a list where the poster said they had never seen anything like this before.
I have.  Moose are hooligans. Just saying.

Kermode, or spirit bear. It's a white black bear.

Aww...so adorable

Kind of amazing
I haven't seen purple Northern lights but I've seen cyan blue and blood red.
Green is the most common, everyone has seen that.


Angie said...

The war veteran made me tear up.

The priorities made my blood boil and then, just feel sad, because I don't see society changing. I hate that I have so little faith in people anymore. Maybe I should get the cards and stake out the mall? Restore my faith in humanity and make someone's day at the same time?

You've seen a moose on a roof? (that sounded suspiciously like Dr. Seuss...was that your intent?)

Loved the cat, but then, you knew I would.


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