One of my Monday to Friday full timers, whose name rhymes with Cory Whiddell, booked today off. Today is Good Friday. She booked it off because she remembers the shit show it was last year. I did not remember. She is wise.

We have endless line ups and not enough staff to deal with them on this weekend.  We can't appeal to the big restaurant to send staff because they are short as well. Worse than we are. Also, I spent the entire day thinking it was Saturday. Then I'd remember what day it really was and get depressed because today's craziness is just one of three long days of crazy. I didn't sleep last night. You need sleep to deal with people in line ups. Today was bad but tomorrow? I'll be dealing with indifferent, slow motion, teenage staff also. 

And it's warm outside. That means iced beverages and cold drinks. I anticipated a demand for cold drinks this weekend and ordered a lot. However, other stores are borrowing product and they're borrowing to such an extent that we are left without enough product to get to the next order. So, it doesn't matter how well I try to do my job, it gets undermined and whether for benign reasons or not the end result is the same.

I'm tired of that too but you get that with any middle management job anywhere, it is what it is. Mostly I'm tired that I have to relive the Saturday I thought I was living today. It hurts to move and I have two more days of this. I booked off next year's Easter weekend. I'll be joining my full-timer for dinner next year. Cory Whiddell doesn't know that yet. I'm bringing the dessert.

Meanwhile my next day off is Monday. You know what that means? I totally WILL be watching the season finale of The Walking Dead!


kuschk said...

That's the one advantage of living in a small village - no lineups anywhere on long weekends other than at the supermarket. The disadvantage, ironically, is no access to Tim Hortons ice capps.


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