Allie (Hyperbole & a Half) Brosh's Book: Fall of 2013

Probably you've seen this image. It was turned into a meme.
[blank] all the [blanks]!
Hyberbole and a Half has been on my list of worthy websites since I started this blog. 

I don't think I've laughed as much as I did reading her posts about everyday things. Like her slightly retarded dog, who doesn't understand the simplest of concepts and who she fears thinks in geometric shapes.

It's more than the story it's the crazy, awesome yet rudimentary cartoons she draws to go with these stories. How does she nail the dog's panic, or someone ineffectually running away from lava in swimming flippers so perfectly using, what? Paint?

With no will of my own I jumped on the Allie wagon with everyone else and laughed a lot, creeping on her past posts and falling in love with her alot. I found her long after she started and only got to know her a little.

...and she's pretty damn gorgeous on top of everything else

Anyone who follows Hyperbole and a Half knows she announced a book way back in May of 2011 and then....nothing.

She followed this announcement with a heart-breaking and insightful post about depression six months later. It rang crystal clear with anyone who has suffered from the debilitating affects of depression and inspired only sympathy among her followers.

She updated everyone under her tubemonster profile on Reddit last year. She was struggling to get better and was optimistic.

Recently, Touchstone books has announced in various places including tumblr that the book will be published in the fall of this year and included a picture for us.

In case we didn't believe

Allie's book entitled; Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened is out this fall.

The book will contain roughly 50% new material. The other 50% will be posts I’ve published on this site already, but some of the posts that did not previously contain illustrations will be illustrated. It will be basically just like my blog in book-form (illustrated short stories, guides, etc.), but it will have at least an attempt at an organizational structure, probably.

I'm very happy and relieved she was able to bounce back enough to get the book finished. I check her blog semi-regularly to see if anything has been updated and every few months I google her. I totally missed the book announcement which happened back in March. 

Depression might end up being something she battles for the rest of her life, or this might be a terrible, but temporary glitch. It doesn't matter. I missed her alot. I laughed with her alot. And I'm alot glad she's back.

The alot is better than you at everything


iambriezy said...

This was the first thing I saw on fb this morning and I was so happy for her. Isn't it amazing how much we can come to care about people just by reading their words?

Frimmy said...

She's a kindred spirit and you can tell by the things she talks about and the way she talks about those things. The cartoons too. It's crazy how we have all worried about her. I guess because she's adorable and how can you not?


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