Back to Normal Soon - Rejoice!

Here are some sad stats for you to analyze

Recently, the post about mutant flowers received a lot of hits when someone at Tumblr, someone from this Finnish site and someone named The Frogman linked to it. We are a tiny blog here at Frimmbits. We like it that way. I do this for fun because I am compelled to write but lack the imagination to generate my own original material. I'm happy with that. It serves a purpose and keeps me out of the bars trolling for victims. I never started this to make money.

I get few hits here and a lot of them bounce away almost immediately. I'm good with that. I work with a person who shares my name and office at one of the restaurants I co-manage. We often have interesting chats. I've considered doing some posts entitled "Chatting: With The Two Frimmys" but we have the kind of conversations that only work if you were there. We talk about stuff like the nuance of difference between the word "impotent" and "futile". (which arose from a conversation with someone else). Or what spiritual journey was indicated by the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and how "spiritual journeys" aren't necessarily what I want to be reading about. Ever. I told her about the pig in the snake stats which, at the time, had just entered the snake and there was no indication it would stop. I said I was freaked out about it.

Aww...Allie :(

I said if it continued, I would start feeling pressured to perform if I knew actual real numbers were hitting this place. I said I wondered if that's why Allie Brosh from Hyperbole And a Half stopped posting. She's a recluse now, and suffers from depression. She laughed - she has the greatest laugh, really deep and bellyful - and said I was suffering from performance anxiety and to just keep doing what I was doing because I liked it. She's also told me I'm insecure and to stop saying I'm NOT a writer because clearly I am. OK. That's why I keep her around.

Soon the pig in the snake will have worked its way through the week and my bars will be back within normal ranges. It's a strange thing when someone finds a post you've done and thinks to link back to you.

This mutant daisy image has been making the rounds as an example of the horrors we can expect from nuclear accidents, specifically Fukushima Daiichi in Japan which included a series of meltdowns and radiation leaks after the tsunami of March 11, 2011. Speculation abounds about the ramifications of said disaster. You know, the things 'they' aren't telling us about. People who don't bother to check with Snopes before forwarding this crap and who would rather believe everyone else's BS conspiracies. The ones who would rather believe microwaved super heated water is dangerous and provide 'proof' of this danger by showing faked research. Those people.

This daisy's uniqueness comes from a genetic mutation known as fasciation. It's kind of common as I was trying to explain in the post. So, I'm happy to say that I contributed to debunking the crazies for approximately a few thousand people at least. Several things point to this being false, the first one being the photo has been around much longer than the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. Second, if this mutant flower IS the result of nuclear damage, why is the other flower perfectly  normal?

It's better than being linked to this post for getting someone's name wrong, but in my defense I don't care enough and it should be stated that any post where I'm talking about someone's hotness is pure frivolity and not to be taken seriously. Except the Swinton. I'm deadly serious about her.



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