Inclined Planes & Road Rage

Plane: A flat surface [blah blah]
Inclined plane: A plane inclined at an angle to the horizontal

"Road rage" in this case is me enraged at the literal road and the idiots that construct them. This is why:

This is me in my dirt coloured car exiting the Walmart parking lot onto Main Street

The blue line on which the car is sitting, represents Walmart's exit to the main road. This town has not heard of the inclined plane. Inclined plane people!!! It's an easy concept! So easy a caveman could do it!

It wouldn't be so bad if it were just one roadway exit/entrance onto a main road from a parking lot. It's EVERY junction that is configured this way. Secondary roads meeting main roads do not join up like this - they're smooth and, dare I say it, seamless!! - so obviously the concept is familiar. But parking lots joining roads? My car bottoms out every time unless I'm creeping. You know how I hate creeping. Every car has to creep so slowly over this point (and all the other ones I mentioned along this road) half as many cars make it through the lights as should.

Does everyone here drive trucks to avoid this insanity, or is this insanity allowed because everyone drives trucks?


Angie said...

I think neither. I think it's this way because to properly grade the decline to the main road, they would lose useable parking space, unless they built up the sides and that is more expense. Walmart will not put money into anything that doesn't bring it back tenfold.


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