Jellyfish (not really) Rorschach Test (not really)

Aaron Ansarov is a photographer. He takes pictures of a lot of things, this is his website. One of the things he does is images of Portuguese Man o' War. Men o' War? Recently ran an article entitled Psychedelic Portuguese Man-of-War Photos Prove God Is a Stoner with images of the work Ansarov and his wife do using PMoW's. It's art-y and unexpectedly beautiful but so are PMoW's. They're blue and I like blue things.

PMoW's are not jelly fish

I fondly remember sun filled afternoons at the beach where a bunch of us noisy pre-teens would fill the hours tossing jelly fish and punching each other in the shoulder. PMoW's are not that kind of jelly fish but they're still better than tossing a great white. What? They don't shoot out of the female as full sized sharks, you know. Although that would be cool to see...

Anyway, Ansarov & Co wear rubber gloves and collect the ones that wash up on the beach near their home in Delray Beach, Florida  because horrible beyond all reason venomous tentacles. They pop them in sea-water filled beer coolers, mess with their bodies and minds at the studio and then return them to the beach. Sounds kind of culty, I don't judge, but they come up with some really cool photos.

They've been referred to as looking like a Rorschach test but
sometimes a jellyfish-like creature is just a jellyfish-like creature

I swear a face with goggles and huge antennae is staring at me.
It's the Tick AND Arthur mashed together!

He mirrors the image in photoshop to get the symmetry

Hmm...forget it. I like the colours but the PMoW's themselves are kind of creepy with the tentacle thing going on.

How do they do this anyway?

Because PMoW's are translucent, splatting them on a light table allows him to shine light up through it and capture the colours and wild shapes.

“Whenever I show the photos everyone sees something different,” he says. “One person will say ‘I see a person’s face’ and other people will see vaginas and other crazy sexual organs.”

What?? Faces? sadly malleable some people's minds are.



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