Kevin McShane Draws Himself 100 Different Ways

Miss Cellania over at Neatorama posted about this recently and I thought it was kind of cute. Kevin McShane drew himself 100 different ways in the style of 100 different cartoonists.

Kevin McShane

Kevin McShane's web site is here. I included the obvious ones, some of whom do not need captions, but check out the cartoons I didn't include here because there are a lot more, although I didn't notice a Georges Remi (Hergé) version, tell me if you found one. He says it took him about two years to complete this series.

He says he's a cartoonist, designer, actor, film maker, photographer and "a dozen other things what won't impress" us either. Well, nothing sexier than a self-deprecating sense of humour, eh?

Seth MacFarlane - Family Guy

Parker & Stone - South Park
Tom Ruegger - Animaniacs

Max Fleischer - Popeye
Van Partible - Johnny Bravo

Jim Davis - Garfield & Friends

 Joe Casey & Joe Kelly - Ben Ten

Terry Gilliam - Monty Python



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