More Resin Art - Keng Lye

The blog has been a little heavy on the talking and light on the pretty lately. So here's something cool.

Keng Lye has been featured on an art blog I visit. I troll around there looking for amazing things to bring here. That's where I found the resin fish by Riusuke Fukahori. What I should have researched was how that last name was pronounced, but I just noticed it now. *shrug* Which artist started their work first? Does it matter? They both do very similar but very wonderful, layered aquatic creatures in resin. Lye adds a dimension to his work by bulking up the 2D layers he paints with pebbles or in the case of the turtle, an egg shell. It makes them pop out of the 'water' literally.

I guess it has to be fish or turtles because they're tiny and because staring at at chick in resin would not be restful although I might be OK with a monkey in resin.


My sister had a fish like this. She called it Fishyssoise.

I like the added dimension, of course. Makes it look even more real.

Shown with their crap. Fish pee too probably but how can you tell?

He started out working in 2D but wanted to challenge himself. He's looking for new challenges to create even more amazing resin paintings. Can't wait to see what that's going to bring. He just started a Facebook page. Here is his deviantART page and here is his flickr stream.



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