Ordinary Things That Creep People Out

I thought this might make an interesting conversation. Creepy or not? Baby Praying Mantis over at BuzzFeed compiled a list of things that make a lot of people creeped out. Is your all time creepiest thing on this list? If not, what is it? Since he's hanging around here all chatty, I made the Lad weigh in with me.

Me: Lad?
He: What
Me: Are you ready?
He: Ready for what?
Me: ಠ_ಠ

I rejected their nut cracker and substituted my own

Nut Cracker

Me: No
He: Yes, no lips and gnashy teeth

Sidewalk grate

Me: No unless...there was water under the grate then all bets are off
He: No

Tatts of eyeballs

Me: No, they're just dumb
He: No, I can't stalk people when they have those eyes back there.

Rooftop photography

Me: No
He: Vertiiiigooooooo!

Old dolls

Me: Kinda
He: No, it's not the dolls, it's the nightmares that freak me out

 Lotus pods

Me: Holy hell and all that's disgusting, YES
He: Yes, looks like they're going to shoot me
Me: Yeah, with what? That's what creeps me out. This plant is so Dune
He: I've never seen it


Me: No! They're pretty
He: No, they look like little beehives growing out of the ground

Fern spores

Me: Add "spore" to anything and I'm going to be creeped out
He: Yes, looks like somebody whipped a scallop against a wall.
Me: I've seen fern spores but they were so small I didn't realize they looked like this. Now when I see this, I can totally believe some form of reproduction is going on

Misaligned tiles

Me: More annoying than creepy. If this was in someone's house I'd laugh
He: Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!


Me: No!
He: No, it looks like a cool sponge
Me: Except it's coral...
He: OK, a very hard sponge

Touching eyeballs

Me: No, not really.
He: Only if the touch pokes right through the eye
Me: Um...yeah, that would be creepy, I guess. And vomitous.

Tree roots

Me: Cool, not creepy
He: Oh that looks cool! No.

Subway stairs

Me: Yes because Irréversible
He: Yes because oh God help me

Celery root

Me: What? It's celery! No.
He: Um...I'm not sure

 Barbie doll parts

Me: No
He: If they all started moving, yes

False teeth

Me: No
He: Only if they started moving

Abandoned junk

Me: Yeah, a little sad and creepy
He: Please scroll down now!

Pruney fingers

Me: They feel creepy but whatever, no.
He: Oh noes, I'm turning into a raisin. No, not creepy.


Me: No, they're not creepy, just obnoxious. They probably have their reasons.
He: Only from this angle

Gary Busey

Me: It's his chicklet teeth I can't make sense of...anyway for some reason he insists on being photographed this way. That's the creepy thing.
He: Only from this angle.
Me: Exactly


Angie said...

http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/beaten-track/news-haunted-island-where-dolls-come-life. Kill me now.

iambriezy said...

The Barbie parts moving and Gary Busey's chicklet teeth had me loling. I never thought about it, but you're right. He does insist on showcasing those bad boys. I have no sympathy for him now that I know he's doing that shit on purpose.

Unknown said...


great stones lyric: my best friend he shoots water rats and feeds them to his geese

Unknown said...

Old dolls, barbie doll parts. And what the hell are those, boobie pods?

Frimmy said...

Lotus seed pods are not "ordinary". Certainly not in my area of the world. I think they care beautiful when aged and have those warm brown tones. They have been commonly known to cause people with Trypophobia (fear of holes in skin) to freak the hell out especially because people photoshop the pod's image onto faces and breasts and arms along with stupid warnings about foreign parasites. Don't tell me you've never seen one because I can hook you up. What you will see cannot be unseen.

Frimmy said...

"Care beautiful"?? I can't even blame autocorrect for that. Can I blame the fact that I sliced through my thumbprint and bled all over a restaurant today? Yeah, making an order for the second time because Drive Thru handed out the wrong one. Again. So much blood it freaked everyone out...it was totally awesome.

Unknown said...

Oh in that case I will tell you that I have seen them, thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Take care of that thumb!


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