Look. Look at this!

How exactly did he get those tan lines?

I got this from today's PostSecret a weekly blog I'm reading less and less these days. This is a man who should be hiding that freakish, revolting, mass of greasy skin and universal pubes under a muumuu but no! He believes wearing a blue spandex strip of floss as a bathing suit makes him feel sexy. He knows what you think of him AND he doesn't care.

[neck-breaking segue warning]

Louis Peitzman over at BuzzFeed recently read an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow in Harper's Bazaar. He culled out the highlights and made a list so we don't have to read the whole thing. If you do want to read it, here it is. I apologize, there's an image of Paltrow in every shot but I purposely left the images small.

She believes she's relevant. She knows what you think. She doesn't care. Our souls may die a little because of her but the universe is indifferent so deal with it.


Pickles said...

I am of the opinion that she quite smugly seems to think she is the only woman over 40 who has kept her figure.

Does not present as very likeable.

Frimmy said...

I think either she's got zero self esteem and an extremely very fragile ego or she really is this stupid. Which means everyone around her is stupid. Sadly, I can believe that.


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